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BPAL: Kunstkammer

In a futile attempt to recapture my youth, I'm going to see King Kong at midnight tonight, and then I am going to report for the media monitoring at five AM tomorrow morning. King Kong is a three-hour and something movie.

I'm figuring sleep is pretty pointless.

*g* Watch this space for insomnia updates, unless I crash on the couch for a couple of hours.

LE, from elisem

BPAL Description:

A sensory jumble, a true cacophony of odors: black pepper, benzoin, blood orange and olibanum.

My Notes:

Vial: OMG. Crack. I get fresh, sticky, gorgeous oranges. crepes suzette. Something like that. Oranges and honey. I want to lick myself.

Wet: I fell asleep in a blood orange grove and woke up with a bee buzzing around my face. One of the over-ripe fruits plopped into the grass not too far away.

Drydown: Warm simmery oranges. This reminds me of a hot citrus soup I used to make. mmm.

Dry: It would be an LE. Dammit to hell.

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