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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


It's sovereign for old war wounds.

I was in a moderately serious car accident in 2000. About a week before my wedding. Still in litigation, I might add, because He Who Caused She Who Hit Me to hit me had no insurance. Moderately meaning, my truck was totalled, I was not.

I went to see a chiropractor afterwards. And had my disdain for chiropractors utterly blown out of the water when she looked at my x-rays and said, "So how did you separate your shoulder?"

And I said, "I haven't."

And she said, "No injuries about seven, eight years ago?"

And I said, "Shit." Because I have had what was diagnosed by my (wonderful) GP as an RSI-related bursitis in my left shoulder since 1994 or so. And when she asked me that question, I suddenly remembered--

"I fell down an icy flight of stairs in 1992."

It was January, and I was leaving the Wilbur Cross building at the University of Connecticut. There was a wrought-iron railing on the left side of the stairs. My mother was with me.

I went down, and my left arm went through the railing and kept me from smashing my head on the cement.

All my weight, which is close to 200 pounds, hit my rotator cuff at an angle. Having been Raised By Wild Lesbians, I got up, dusted myself off, shrugged and walked away.

Apparently, I have a higher pain tolerance than I suspected. Seems that I damaged my rotator cuff and probably dislocated the shoulder, and didn't notice. And I reinjured it in the car accident, when I bounced my left shoulder off the driver's-side door. Somewhat hard.

Anyway, my left shoulder now sometimes feels like somebody's prying my shoulderblade up with a dull knife. Especially when I spend too much time keyboarding. Like when I'm hot on finishing a novel draft, say. (self-deprecating grin)

Booze and muscle relaxants help. OTC Pain meds do not.

Want some champagne?

Jenny's buying.





Okay, you know what? You're a writer, because just reading that made my shoulder hurt and my teeth edge.

Hope the pain passes soon. Not sure mine will LOL.

PS 1,000 words last night! Over 500 cleaning up 19 and the rest all new on 21. Might have to be it until next week though. I've got a full weekend planned.

Neo and Trinity here I come!!

Re: Rhonda

Allright, Rhonda!

Get that wordcount!