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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

p.s. I've been interviewed at Bloggasm. So have a lot of more interesting people, like Tim Pratt, Charlie Stross, Eugie Foster, Greg van Eekhout, Doug Lain, Jenn Reese, Nick Mamatas, Christopher Barzak, Barth Anderson, Christopher Rowe, Jay Lake (okay, Jay's not more interesting than I am), Alan DeNiro, Paul Tremblay, Ben Peek, Jeff Vandermeer, Mike Jasper, and Benjamin Rosenbaum.


You know, I just realized that that's mostly all boys. Except for Eugie, Jenn, me, and Jay--oh, wait, I guess Jay is more interesting than I am....


Hey, that's a cool interview. I enjoyed reading through it.

Cool interview. Incidentally, love the icon :-).
You are Blog-tastic!!

My next-door neighbor's daughter is named Galadriel, btw.
So is the title character of The Great Gilly Hopkins...
Hey, I heard that!
And I must say, that's a lovely icon you're wearing. *g*
yes, the boy-ness of the world continues. I reviewed Subterranean magazine #2 for this month's Emerald City and barely resisted the urge to snark at them for their lack of women authors. Found myself counting the number of women authors mentioned *anywhere* in the magazine, including ads and decided I was getting overly worked up about it. Scalzi assures me there are more coming in #3 and more than twice that in #4. He's editing #4 of course, rather than the regular editor and I believe he reports hitting parity or nearly so between women and men in authorship. I rag on him sometimes, but he's a good'un, our scalzi.

Nice interview. I love Tina Turner. I recently made a radio station on www.pandora.com based on Tina Turner (I also added Pat Benatar and the Pointer Sisters to it) and ended up with something I really enjoyed.