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BPAL: Eden

Quote of the Day: "If you can't stand the gay, get out of the batcave."

Yeah, keelywolfe. iamza. I'm looking at you two.

BPAL Description:

At the center of the Garden of Eden stands the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Though modern interpretations of the Bible claim that it was an apple that the Serpent of the Tree offered to Eve, it is widely believed that the true Fruit of True Knowledge was, in fact, a fig. This oil contains the innocence of the Garden, coupled with the Truth and Erudition found in the fruit of the Tree of Evil: fig leaf, fig fruit, honeyed almond milk, toasted coconut and sandalwood.

My Notes:

Vial: figs and burned sugar, almonds and coconut

Wet: Sun tan oil and char. Not, you know, in a particularly bad way.

Drydown: ehn.

Dry: sandalwoody, coconutty, kind of nice but not really inspiring.

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