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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

via Language Log,

The Lulu book title scorer will rate your book's chances of New York Times bestsellerdom based on its title.

In other news, I slept ten hours last night, still didn't want to get up, and my whole body hurts. I think I am officially sick with something.


Uck. Feel better. There should be a review of Worldwired soon on my blog and LJ.
Well, yay! I hope... *g*
thank you!
Sick bad. Fluids, rest, more fluids, more rest, nice dvds or videos full of pretty things that make you happy. (Also all the vitamins you can hold.) (I can't help saying this when someone gets sick. It's a reflex.)

The title-scorer is a very entertaining toy, even if it does bring up a lot of grammatical ambiguities. Apparently, if I were ever to completely gut, rewrite, and finish Seeing Things, it would have a 79.76% chance of becoming a bestseller.

Since it would in any case be a young adult SF lesbian love story, I'm dubious about this, but I'm still very entertained. :)
They didn't seem to have a question for "will 90% of the American populace peer cluelessly at the first or second word"? Which probably accounts for Thermionic Night's 69% bestseller chances.
At least I feel better now that I've run the WiP's original (working-only) title past the scorer and discovered that maybe that editor knew what she was talking about: 20.1% chance. Heh. Not saying the two alternates were much more than 40%, but it's amusing on a Sunday morning.

Uh, it is Sunday, right? *squints at calendar*
Any excuse for champagne is a good excuse!