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Last night I dreamed about you. I dreamed that you lay dying.

The Carnival manuscript is here, so I'm officially back in the saddle again.

All I can think, looking at the line edits, is that I've somehow completely lost any ability I might ever have had to rub words together. Or balance a plot. Or handle exposition in a timely fashion.

Ah well. Thankfully, this is why I have an editor.

I guess this song is telling me that I need the damned dream sequences after all.

BPAL Description:

A scent as heavy as thunder from the Vatican, with notes that inspire every sin and excess. Black opium, with vetiver and honeysuckle.

My Notes:

Vial: herbs and flowers, kind of composty, with a bitterness that I think is the poppy juice.

Wet: honeysuckle and crushed herbs

Drydown: honeysuckle. Not too strong, thankfully.

Dry: faint, vetiver sweetened with florals.

Tags: bpal, carnival

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