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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Last night I dreamed about you. I dreamed that you lay dying.

The Carnival manuscript is here, so I'm officially back in the saddle again.

All I can think, looking at the line edits, is that I've somehow completely lost any ability I might ever have had to rub words together. Or balance a plot. Or handle exposition in a timely fashion.

Ah well. Thankfully, this is why I have an editor.

I guess this song is telling me that I need the damned dream sequences after all.

BPAL Description:

A scent as heavy as thunder from the Vatican, with notes that inspire every sin and excess. Black opium, with vetiver and honeysuckle.

My Notes:

Vial: herbs and flowers, kind of composty, with a bitterness that I think is the poppy juice.

Wet: honeysuckle and crushed herbs

Drydown: honeysuckle. Not too strong, thankfully.

Dry: faint, vetiver sweetened with florals.

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Hang in there. You are a good writer, and that doesn't just get up and walk away.

Also...I'm not the most laid-back, tolerant reader. I'd like to be nice, but I'm just not. If I didn't think you could seriously write, I wouldn't be talking about your writing. I know I'm not, you know, the deciding or even very important vote, here, but for what it's worth, there it is. You can write. You DO write. Revisions suck wet hemp, and I imagine that revisions suck infinitely more when you're a professional and you have professional editors dripping red ink on your pages, but that's nothing to do with your abilities. It's just revisions.
The better you get as a writer, the more people -- especially your editor -- will expect of you. Just think of all that red as a bit of cayenne added to give the book a kick.
Try to keep in mind that if it wasn't a compelling story to start with, it wouldn't have been bought. And also... I'm not convinced that editors are always right. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can ignore them. :-P


The most miserable feeling in the world is reading the critique of someone whose professional opinion you value. And, later, the most wonderful feeling is reading those same comments and knowing you mastered the problem.

Believe in yourself. We do. >;-]
I cannot read this book until you have done your revisions and it is published. If I, and people like me, are not buying your books, you will not be given contracts for more books, and you will have to go to work doing something you hate even more than doing revisions.

Something like:

ACCORDION TUNER (any industry)
Tunes accordions by aurally comparing pitch of reeds with master reeds and filing reeds to obtain standard pitch: Places set of reeds to be tuned in slots in tuning table. Depresses pedal to operate bellows and presses key to blow or draw air through reed to be tuned and master reed. Files reed being tuned until pitch corresponds to master. Replaces defective leather valves. Measures and mixes glue. Places tuned reeds in reed blocks and secures them with glue. Verifies pitch of master reeds by comparing with pitch of vibrating tuning bar or fork. Files reeds until pitch corresponds to pitch of tuning bar or fork. May disassemble and reassemble used instruments to tune reeds.


FEATHER SHAPER (button & notion)
Trims, cuts, bones, straightens, and curls feathers for use in decorations for displays and garments, using handtools, such as knives and scissors: Draws feather between knife and thumb to curl feather or cuts portion from quill, using knife, to make feather soft and wavy or applies steam to make feather smooth and straight. Trims feather to specified shape, using scissors. May wire, glue, paste, or sew feathers to form specified design. May be designated according to work performed as Brancher (button & notion); Curler (button & notion); Cutter (button & notion); Feather Boner (button & notion); Feather Trimmer (button & notion).

I bet feather shaper has a better hourly pay rate. *g*

My usual threat is to go back to school and become a pharmacist....
Aw, hell, my old threat to go get a real job is now seriously diminished!

Note to self: think of a new threat before any submissions. "Take up tatting" isn't funny any more that I took up knitting.

Oh, wait, "professional poster child" still works. Whew.

Good thing, too; I'm allergic to feathers.
My favorite is still the person who has to masturbate the turkeys for the purposes of artificially insemninating the chickens. "The other farmhands made fun of me, calling me 'turkey-jerker' and worse..."

And, of course, the turkeys *know*, and follow you around asking for it...
If you can get through the virgin book, I can get through this.
Anne Groell says that I think I have a transparent head, because when I think I've explained something clearly - I just haven't. It's so often a case of being so close to a piece of work that you can't see the wood for the trees.
Thank you! We'll take all the help we can get!
MMM, MIchelangelo. the song that made me run out and buy the CD on the spot (Well, it was past midnight ont e last night of the festival, so I couldn't do so literally, but close enough.

On the other front, pages covered in red pencil are not indicative of failure.

Pages covered by red pencil if the red pencil is supplied by a real live line editor, are indicative that you are human. Oops. It wasn't perfect.

I wish you that those little red marks turn inspiring as you go, because they are so right, but so clear in their purpose that they are easy to fix.