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Murphy strikes again.

The desktop, which has been perfectly behaved since it was rebuilt and upgraded in January, picked Friday to start acting freaky. It behaved mostly over the weekend, and yesterday decided to decompensate totally, by which I mean it won't run for more than about fifteen minutes without locking up, crashing, or spontaneously restarting itself.

Since these are the same symptoms it was exhibiting last time, I think I killed another motherboard.

Fortunately, I am a smart bear, and have up to date backups of everything I really need, and--because my livelihood depends upon it--I also have a secondhand laptop that represents the best thousand bucks I ever spent.

And a damned good thing, too, because those revisions are due awfully soon.

Also, since I have to ship the desktop back to Connecticut anyway, and I was going to talk to netcurmudgeon about doing a brainscrub on both it and the laptop when we got them back to his lab at the North Pole, it's an adventure rather than an inconvenience or a nightmare.

I hate that keyboard, though.

And it does mean I don't have access to any of my playlists. Alas!

In other news, I'm on page 380 of my first pass through the Carnival revisions, which is the "writering the fiddly little line-edits" portion of the proceedings. I'm actually kind of looking forward to the revising, even though I'm not sure at all I'm capable of actually doing any of this stuff.

(This is the hard part. Because I know perfectly well that that manuscript, when it goes to press, is going to be the best book I have it in my to write. And I also know it's going to be flawed. And that people are going to read it and know it was flawed, and say "gee, you know, it could have been better." And yeah, it could. of course, it could. But it couldn't have been better with me writing it, alas. It's one thing to see the flaws. It's another entirely to fix them.)
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