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I am down to just the few last things that need to be done. Of course, they are the hard ones. One of them is adding more stuff with Carnival and making it more relevant to the action of the book as well as the theme, and the other is writing an ending that doesn't suck.

And then there's fixing this stupid scene that Peter said was stupid, and he's right. Darn you, Peter! Darn you to heck! *shakes puny fist in the general direction of Toronto*

Soliloquys are a zero-time action!

Anyway. I think I fixed the various small problems. Now, onward into the actual rewriting.

Hopefully, I've fixed the other scene here that wasn't working, and made it plainer that Our Heroes get away with what they get away with because they're being abetted by the individual who they think they're running game on.

I figure it's a spy novel, I get one abandonment-to-a-death-trap for free.
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