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I'm calling it a night on the revisions. I've gotten to the end of Chapter 8, page 167 on the Hard Parts pass through Carnival. And I can tell I'm stressed, because I find myself watching television documentaries and the Food Channel voraciously. (Viva the Hitler Channel. It is really good electronic Valium: interesting enough not to annoy me, but not actually requiring of any serious thought except when I roll my eyes about some particular idiocy.)

Anyway, I'm watching a documentary on the Green River Killer now (once upon a time, back when I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist when I grew up, I knew a lot about that case, but I've forgotten it all--and man, it renews my faith a little bit that they did, in fact, finally catch that son of a bitch) and I'm going to curl up on the sofa with the dog and a bottle of Pelegrino and pretend, until tomorrow, that the book is done.

I am making progress. It just never feels like enough.

And hey, when this is done, I have nothing due until next summer. That's  very exciting thing. Especially as I have a list of short stories I want to write one of these months, and it would be nice to get a few of those crossed off before the next book is due.


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