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Mrphy Mrrp Mrrph.

kit_kindred is celebrating Christmas by sleeping. I'm celebrating by watching a very dirty, scantily-clad David McCallum and a much better dressed Robert Vaughn wander around the MGM back lot, shooting suspiciously familiar looking extras. Napoleon's such a jerk in this episode, but I do love Illya's intervention on behalf of the virtue of the girl-of-the-minute. 

I hope the random UNCLE agent at the beginning turns up in fanfiction somewhere, because he's wonderful, and the dialogue (eee! semagic, damn its eyes, thinks that word is spelled "dialog." I feel unclean now.) they give him is worthy of Steed. "You may inform Mr. Waverly that I have just been beaten, robbed, and sung to by a very foul-smelling young man--"

And the bad guys are a lot of fun. Thrush can't give the Charlie Biggles character an exploding gold watch fast enough for me.

*g* ...and I just stumbled across the end of The Hulk on USA when I turned off the videotape. OMG, Ang Lee, you have so much to answer for.

I do enjoy Sam Elliott's razor-beveled moustache, though. (Semagic thinks that word is spelled "mustache." Semagic, you are as one dead to me!)

Okay, it's kind of horrible; random channel surfing just got me not one but two William Shatner appearances, and in one of them, he's dressed up at the Devil in a Fu Manchu moustache. (See, there's that word again.) Oh, look, Janet Leigh commenting in an Elizabeth Taylor fluff biography.... and Black and Decker makes a mechanical jar opener? We are indeed a decadent society, and the plague of locusts will be along any minute now.

(God is telling you to turn off the television, Bear.)

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