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SF Signal reviews Hammered. I think they liked it okay.

In other news, since I've been using the laptop, I've been writing on the living room sofa. Which is normally the purview of the giant Dawg (not to be confused with the giant Dogge, which is the other one--the Dawg is taller, but otherwise not so giant as the Dogge).

Anyway, despite her giantness, the sofa (which is a full-sized futon) is large enough for three to four humans, or two humans and a Dawg--or a Dawg and a Dogge, for that matter. However, the Dawg does not believe this. It is Her Sofa, and I do not belong on it.

To bring home her point, she is exercising passive resistance by putting her bones on me. Her chin bones and two enormous paws, currently. While it is in fact generating bruises, this may not work out as well as she has intended, because it has also led me to notice that her claws need cutting.

The best-laid plans of Dawgs and Dogges....
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