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Michelangelo is a very nervous boy. It's interesting writing his POV, because it's a constant exercise in Considering The Worst Case Scenario.


"We have balconies," Elena said. "I think you'll be sufficiently safe from abduction there. And you'll get to see at least some of the proceedings."

Kusanagi-Jones bit his lip. Abductions were one thing. He was worried about snipers.

Revising continues. The b*%k has grown to 459 pages, and there's still work to be done: I'm on page 205. This is what you might call a stately process.

I need to figure out what this scene does to justify its inclusion in the narrative. Other than making my editor happy, I mean....

...and figure out how to do some of the thematic stuff I could use it for without resorting to the S.H. Lawrence Hammer o'Symbolism.
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