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So the new cellphone is a camera phone

And it works about as well as camera phones generally do.

OTOH, I can now offer pictures of the spy kitties.

Napoleon on the left, Illya on the right.

In the third picture, that's Napoleon staring at the camera and Waverly making a break for it. Illya was behind the chair at the feeding station. I had a better pic, but deleted it by accident.

I'm not sure what his relationship to the other two is, but he's an absolutely ginormous tomcat who has the broad-cheeked big-boned facial structure that Illya is growing towards, and is the same color as Napoleon with the addition of big white splotches, and he seems convivial with both of them (Illya is a boy and Napoleon is a girl.) so I suspect he's Dad.

Napoleon is now almost tame enough to come wind around my ankles when I bring the food out. She keeps wanting to, and then stopping herself with an almost audible jerk. And she yells at me to come feed her.

Illya is not so sanguine; he knows bipeds are perfidous. And as the so-far unsuccessful plans are for capture and neutering, he's probably smarter than his sister.
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