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[14:03] matociquala: I want to be a wookiee when I grow up.
[14:03] matociquala: Or possibly a Luxan.
[14:05] matociquala: *kills chapter 14*
[14:05] jmeadows: *watches*'
[14:05] stillsostrange: yay, death
[14:05] stillsostrange: *collects stray killed bits*
[14:06] matociquala: If I were a wookiee, I could edit with a hammer
[14:06] stillsostrange: If you were a wookiee, they might ask for less edits
[14:07] matociquala: aaaaeeeerrrriiiiuuuoooooooog!
[14:08] matociquala: wookiee seem to have better home lives than Luxans.
[14:11] stillsostrange: let the wookiee stet
Tags: b&@k hate, chatroom transcripts, cultural necropsy
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