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Doug, Paul, Jason, Patrick, et al.--

Rich Horton loves us.

The two novelettes from the Summer issue were my favorite TTA pieces this year. Paul Meloy's "Dying in the Arms of Jean Harlow", a decidedly weird (even "New Weird"), arguably science-fictional, story about, oh, Autoscopes and a special child and ... but I won't try to describe it: it's a perfect Third Alternative story, mixing black humour, bleak English landscapes, and wild ideas very nicely. Douglas Lain’s "The Word ‘Mermaid’ Written on an Index Card" is a moving story about a sad young man dealing with his own depression, the death of his father, and his attraction to a curious young woman who might be a mermaid.

(He also says nice things about the much-maligned "House of the Rising Sun.")

The problem with working on the sofa with the laptop supported in a marginally comfortable position on pillows on one's lap is that is makes getting up to get another cup of tea or to go pee kind of a pain in the ass.

Page 406. *takes a break to go sob hopelessly for a while*
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