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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

swear there ain't no heaven and I pray there ain't no hell

My brain has taken to generating random weirdness in self defense, in a futile attempt to distract me from working on the b^%k.

For example, it just occurred to me that a transparent glass box would be completely opaque to Daredevil. There's endless hours of fun in that scenario.

Also, testicles are my current argument in favor of natural selection and against intelligent design. Any sensible deity would have made them heatproof and tucked them up inside. On the other hand, this dangling all over the place for temperature control thing gives every indication of being some kind of Mickey Mouse improvisation job.

Two scenes left to write; one plot hole to patch.



On the other hand, this dangling all over the place

...but, Bear...what would the cats play with during the time their people are busy petting each other and not the cats? (ie having sex)
Remind me to tell you about iguana testicles one of these days: our current arrangement was inherited from our reptile ancestors, and the fact that testicles need to be chilled is actually an advantage for mammals because they're generally dangly. (They're not dangly in whales, seals, and sirenians, but they've all developed special methods to keep cool while reducing potential scrotal drag.) Castrating a pig, calf, puppy, or baby whatzit is relatively easy and rarely dangerous (I did have a pig in a high school agriculture class that nearly bled to death from a botched castration, but that's rare), but gelding an iguana or monitor is a long and rather dangerous affair. Just ask a herp veterinarian.
Well, it's not an imperative: it's just an unfortunate side-effect of our evolution that's advantageous for animal husbandry. For the individual that gets lopped, yes, it sucks, but ease of castration works better for the species in general because then breeders can work harder to produce more individuals with the traits they want. Agriculture is pretty much the only example of intelligent design on this planet, and anyone who's had to bob sheep tails or castrate a calf will tell you that humans are pretty incompetent at this ID thing, too.
You are the most astounding font of information. Just saying.
Take the time to read the book Real People Don't Own Monkeys: among other things, it'll help explain why I didn't follow a career in veterinary medicine the way my father wanted me to do. (My poor father: he wanted another Tim Allen for a son and got a Tim Burton.)
Having assisted in such operations, I must agree with you. However, the objective of successful fitness as a species involves successful procreation. Therefore, dangling, easily-lopped-off genitalia would not be conducive to good design in that regard. So in this case, I think matociquala has a strong point. :)
Oh, I won't disagree with you: it just ends up demonstrating that our design was incompetent instead of intelligent.
It's for temperature regulation, believe it or not. Because it's SO SMART to design spermies that die when kept long-term at the natural core body temperature of their organism!
If you get the chance, read Carl Zimmer's book At the Water's Edge, because he goes into wonderful detail on the problems faced by dolphins and whales when they returned to the water. Preventing sterility while increasing streamlining was a major hurdle, but both groups wouldn't be here if they hadn't worked it out.
Yes, That would be it. And considering I have reptiles in my care that store sperm and still lay eggs a year later, reptiles seem to have a better system in that regard than us mammals. On the other hand, could we deal with thermoregulation. Tricky. (But I do enjoy basking.) ;D
male dominance games, rutting behaviour can lead to castration for the male that turns and runs...tom cats... nothing evolved is random... it might be vestigial, but not worthless. After all, evolution needs a lot less males then females.
I'd disagree with that, just on basis of the need to broaden the genetic material that constitutes a population. One male in a gaggle of females doesn't help perpetuation of the species if he has a sex-linked disadvantageous mutation.
[passes you a can of Plot Spackle]

...darnit, I want an icon of that now.

Plot spackle, that is, not dangling testicles.

Transparency and Sonar

I'm reminded of how ultimately game-unbalancing one of my AD&D characters turned out to be.

She was a sea-elf (yes, on land -- she had an Amulet of Air Breathing, her mother was an adventurer, and yes, she was a complete outcast and weirdo from sea-elf society). Major sonar. And she had enough years of training on land to be able to judge distances out of water as well as in.

First encounter: a drow (with kobold henchthings) throws a Sphere of Dark around us. Everyone else freaks out; my character, who nobody's known what to make of up till then, grabs the elven archer, points the bow very precisely, taps her on the shoulder, and says, "Shoot him."

He was a very surprised drow.

Re: Transparency and Sonar

Aw, heck. We had a game with about 8 PCs of whom the only one who carried - or could use - a firearm was the blind girl. If one of the rest of our characters were around, they'd give her o'clock directions and stand well back. If they weren't she'd swing the shot-gun in a slow circle and fire when her guide-dog barked.

My character had bum legs - ankle-to-thigh braces and two crutches. She and the blind girl got together to drive for a while - my character did the steering, the blind girl did the peddles. It worked great. I made jokes about the lame leading the blind, but the rest of them just found someone else to drive.


Re: Transparency and Sonar

I have GOT to know: what game system? :->

Re: Transparency and Sonar

A loosely adapted version of White Wolf's mage game. The GM did quite a bit of tinkering, which was all to the good.
Since n one else seems to care, why would it be opaque? I mean, is this soundproof glass? Is it insulated?

Yes, I am a comic-book geek. Why do you ask?
Sound reflects from flat nonporous surfaces. It would act like a mirror.
Aaah, but he would still sense their body heat. Ha ha!

I have a sudden hideous image of a mouseketeers hat with floppy testicles sticking out instead of ears!