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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

See what you miss when you go to bed early? We're funny today.

[21:49] katallen: ::struggles::
[21:49] matociquala: *hands Kat the feather pillow*
[21:49] katallen: ::takes::
[21:49] katallen: ::presses over face::
[21:50] katallen: goodbye cruel book!
[21:50] leahbobet: No, you're supposed to press it over the book's face--
[21:50] katallen: ::eyes Leah::
[21:50] leahbobet: Remember -- murderers can atone.  Suicides go to hell.
[21:50] katallen: like that'll fix the bitch
[21:51] leahbobet: :-P
[21:51] matociquala: Leah, that needs to be a lapel button.
[21:51] leahbobet: ...it does.
[21:51] leahbobet: Lemme write that down.
[21:51] katallen: ::grins::
[21:52] matociquala: *quotes Leah*
[21:52] leahbobet: Hee.
[21:52] katallen: icon icon icon!
[21:53] leahbobet: Hmm.  What's the background?
[21:53] matociquala: Hmm.
[21:54] matociquala: Judas Iscariot?
[21:54] matociquala: It's seasonal.

In other news, the sexiest thing, bar none, that I have ever seen on television is a scene in series 3 of Sapphire and Steel.

It's the bit where Steel almost gets knocked off the girder by the killer feather pillow. And Sapphire catches him and presses him against the window.

And then she walks away. But while she does, she trails her fingers down his neck, across his shoulder, down his biceps--up his forearm, along his wrist...

And he stands stock still, head turned, eyes lowered.

Totally unmoving

Except just before she draws her hand away, he turns his hand--just his hand--and grabs her fingers. With this abrupt, completely untelegraphed motion.

I need a cold shower now....


... is each series referred to as an Assignment? Cause I'm trying to get a copy, but they're listed as Assignment 1, Assignment 2, etc. and I'm wondering how that corresponds?
Yes. There are six of them, ranging from eight episodes to four, I think.
It's such a lovely Catholic sentiment. But I'm not sure how to get that into the picture for the icon. The Spanish Inquisition doesn't fit well into 100x100 pixels.
you make me giggle.
The girls have seriously been on a roll lately.
Rowl. I don't remember that but I do remember the Pillow Of Doom. That series was scary.
Seriously creepy, for a show shot on three dollars an episode. (It's pretty obvous where they spent their money, and it was on the acting talent. *g*)
Okay, can I ask... Sapphire and Steel? Never seen it. Heard the title, but don't know what it's about. Care to enlighten me any? :)
It's the anti-Doctor-Who, she said fliply. It revolves around a couple of chilly aliens whose job is to stop "time from breaking through." In other words, to protect the mundane universe from ghosts, time travelers, the forces of Entropy, and malevolent entities. It's lovely and dark and teddibly British. *g*

It's got that awkward low budget thing going on, but if you can look past that, it has merit. Also, Lumley and McCallum looking dead sexy, in a late seventies kind of way.
This chemistry between them is why I can't believe Steel/Silver slash. S & S are so doing it! Of course how these strange beings do it is a different matter to consider.
...Steel and Silver? No way. *g* Sapphire and Silver, I'd believe... especially considering the curl to Steel's lip when Silver shows up, and the way Sapphire uses each of them to yank the other's chain.

She's got those boys on a string, she does. There's this whole implied set of relationships there, I think, where she's involved with both of them and they can bloody well like it or lump it.

...and then there's the whole bit of business in series five with the "What side of the bed do you like?" thing." And the way Steel looks at her, and never answers the question, like he knows she's toying with him and he's going to let her get away with it, too, even though he's not proud of it.

It's a great relationship for film (as opposed to one you'd want in real life) because he's so controlling, demanding--hectoring, even--and yet there are these hints that not only is she the more powerful one, but she's also in charge of the relationship, no matter how much he thrashes. Which has to hurt him terribly, because you get the feeling that not needing anyone is a point of pride for Steel.


Not that I'm seeing any subtext in the portrayals. *whistles*

(As for *how* they do it, well. One gets the impression that they don't start out Operators. At least, Steel has "origins." *g* Or so he claims.)
Oooo...haven't seen that one, but it sounds like it's more fun than the Railway Station. Good thing I have a local friend to borrow it from!
*g* Well, I like the Railway Station too. But I think my favorite is Assignment Five, the cocktail party. *g*
Among many other things, S&S is on my netflix queue. I've seen the first assignment, which I think I mentioned here a long time back.
Hee. I am a one-woman fandom expansion machine!
In other news, the sexiest thing, bar none, that I have ever seen on television is a scene in series 3 of Sapphire and Steel.

Darn you, giving me more reasons to re-watch the show. Because that scene sounds, well, just extraordinary. And nobody can do something like that like David McCallum.
And nobody can do something like that like David McCallum.

It's so true. He's such an extraordinary physical actor, and the man could generate erotic chemistry with a lava lamp. I dunno how he does it, but it's magic.

I think the scene also works as a snapshot of the S&S personal relationship, In that almost casual way she saves him, and then stalks off like an unconcerned cat--and he's just this close to letting her go and can't quite do it. *g* Those two do not have a healthy dynamic, but boy is it funto watch.

so i guess

you recommend buying the DVD set I keep looking at... heh.

Re: so i guess

I am all about the subtext, baby. *g* You betcha.

early to bed, early to rise. . .

gets the dog outside befoe the guest arrives.

Lucky for me I have you and a few others to save the best bits for me, then. ;) This way I can be rested up for my Big Day at the Bookstore *and* have my chatroom funnies, too.


And also, Guh.
Because I love you, I am making screen caps.
let me know once they come. *g*