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See what you miss when you go to bed early? We're funny today.

[21:49] katallen: ::struggles::
[21:49] matociquala: *hands Kat the feather pillow*
[21:49] katallen: ::takes::
[21:49] katallen: ::presses over face::
[21:50] katallen: goodbye cruel book!
[21:50] leahbobet: No, you're supposed to press it over the book's face--
[21:50] katallen: ::eyes Leah::
[21:50] leahbobet: Remember -- murderers can atone.  Suicides go to hell.
[21:50] katallen: like that'll fix the bitch
[21:51] leahbobet: :-P
[21:51] matociquala: Leah, that needs to be a lapel button.
[21:51] leahbobet: does.
[21:51] leahbobet: Lemme write that down.
[21:51] katallen: ::grins::
[21:52] matociquala: *quotes Leah*
[21:52] leahbobet: Hee.
[21:52] katallen: icon icon icon!
[21:53] leahbobet: Hmm.  What's the background?
[21:53] matociquala: Hmm.
[21:54] matociquala: Judas Iscariot?
[21:54] matociquala: It's seasonal.

In other news, the sexiest thing, bar none, that I have ever seen on television is a scene in series 3 of Sapphire and Steel.

It's the bit where Steel almost gets knocked off the girder by the killer feather pillow. And Sapphire catches him and presses him against the window.

And then she walks away. But while she does, she trails her fingers down his neck, across his shoulder, down his biceps--up his forearm, along his wrist...

And he stands stock still, head turned, eyes lowered.

Totally unmoving

Except just before she draws her hand away, he turns his hand--just his hand--and grabs her fingers. With this abrupt, completely untelegraphed motion.

I need a cold shower now....
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