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December 2021



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Sapphire and Steel:




Credit is nice, of course.
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I love the iSpy!

Well, they're all pretty darn good, actually - although my familiarity with S&S is minimal, at best... :(
Thank you! I stayed up until two AM doing them and watching The Tick, because I could.

It is such a relief to not be on a deadline.
I have, btw, ordered Sapphire and Steel for myself. Thank you! for luring me in.
See how useful this icon is??? *G*
It seemed like such a natural!

I love that Robert Culp's white, white grin shows up *g*
*g* Oh yes. It's a good one.

I need to get those DVDs. (We rented them through Netflix not long ago, but it's not the same)
Thanks for the I Spy iSpy! A friend just got picky on me the other day and pointed out that the previous iSpy one had Napoleon Solo and wasn't that wrong? *sigh* I was debating trying to do something with the title-sequence silhouettes, but I haven't tried anything like this before.

Hee. Glad you like!

Of course, I have the font wrong, but screw it. I was too lazy to try to match precisely.
I think I'm also going to pick up "Haven't you forgotten something?" I like several of them, but that seems the most useful and I'm still at the six-picture level. :)

Thank you!
I really only have a paid account so I can be a complete icon whore.
It's very tempting, but our pennies are squealing right now....
I have never seen this show, but I love the bit of dialogue about "on this planet."
That's a really fun scene. Steel is not too clueful about this whole human interaction thing, and Sapphire is very snarky. It makes a good combination.
I love these - I've only ever seen the first story of Sapphire and Steel, but I've been meaning to see the rest since I found out they were released on DVD.
Just as a general question, what program do you use to make those icons? I have photoshop on the mac but I have to clean out the HD to be able to use it again (no room on the scratch disk) and this little Compaq laptop has pretty much no image editing software beyond simple photo-retouching stuff.
I use Photoshop on Windows.
I made this one (ok, put the words on it) in MSPaint, but I'm both very-bad-at-learning-new-software, and masochistic.

However, it CAN be done. :-> I use ACDSee for color-and-contrast fixes, and Paint to put words on.
The first Steel-Only makes me think of the line very near the end of Twelve Monkeys where the *spoiler* says to the *spoiler* on the *spoilery transportation device*, "I'm in insurance."
Rather like, that, in fact. *g*