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Cat blogging, with bad photos

Mithrandir is a four-year-old declawed feral who has come a long way from being the fearful, shadowy cat we never see. The funny thing about Mith is that he's huge; he's a 23 pounder and not chubby but rather lanky, so big that when you pick him up bits of him gangle over your arms in all directions. And he's absolutely the sweetest, shyest cat I've ever lived with.

He's also very dapper, being the proud owner of a slate-grey velvet tuxedo, which he accents with a white goatee and spats. Originally, the intent was to name him Shakespeare (since the slightly older boy cat, his constant companion, and a tiny little eight pound black tuxedo one of our friends calls The Lap Remora, is Marlowe {the Fearless [And Snuggly]}) but it didn't stick, and thus he became The Grey Stray.

Because we can't resist a painful pun.

He's a big enough cat that, when we adopted him, we were told he was seven to ten months.

It turned out that he was closer to three or four months. And he just kept growing. And growing. And growing.

Mmm. Seafood!

Dude, did you know you have your hand up a lobster's hiney?

Next step, balrogs. He's working up.

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