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I'm blaming autopope for this question.

Since I stayed up too late last night reading Accelerando on DayQuil.

What do you suppose the next economic/social revolution after the information age would be? (Or, if you like the reputation economy (which on some level we've been working on for millennia, but that's a whole 'nother sailing ship) what's the next one after that?)


And if you were a Utopian, how would you get around the Marching Morons problem? (This being the economic burden of the people who don't make it through the revolution with prospects.) What about power sources, ecological impacts, social power dynamics, ideologies colliding? If you want a singularity, how do you pay for it?

(These aren't quibbles with Charlie's worldbuilding, I should say. It's more a testament to his abilities as a futurist that he's got me pondering what I'm pondering. Also, I'm in worldbuilding mode, which means I jam a lot of material into my brain and shuffle it around until a society emerges.)

I have a theory or three, but it's something I'm using in Undertow, and I don't have the implications completely worked out yet--also, I don't want to queer the data, so I'll keep it to myself for now. *g*

(I'm glad I am reading (or re-reading; I've read some of the individual stories before, but not the whole cycle together) this now; along with the Mark Budz books and some other stuff, it's reminding me of a list of things I have to be careful not to rip off from Charlie and Mark. *g*)

Anyway, Charlie is making my brain feel engaged. Which is good, because my intellectual level for the last two days has been sitting in front of the TV watching Mythbusters and Iron Chef America marathons. (Ming Tsai kicked Bobby Flay's ass. I am complete.) And that starts to make me feel pretty sluggish after a while.
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