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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


Anybody looking for a roomate? Non-smoking, and I only snore a little.


Not getting a hotel room, but if all else fails, you're welcome to crash with the yellowdog and me.
I might just do that, if it's okay. It sounds like fun!
You're going to Boskone? Great!

(It's my only scheduled north American trip of 2006.)
Awesome! Is Feorag coming? I will be proud to buy one or both of you a drink.
you're going to be at Boskone?!

I haven't been paying attention, because I set my sights on Wiscon (I registered! eep!), but I love Boskone. first con I ever went to. ^_^ I could prolly get up for it this year, although I haven't the faintest idea what's happening/who'll be there. but you will be! oh goodness gracious me. ^_^
I will be! I don't know my panel schedule yet, but I will be there.
It's a deal. *g*
We'll be passing on the con, but we should get together for dinner while you're in the area. Drop either of us a line when you have your schedule and we can plan something.
It's a deal.
might be going to the con, but either way you're welcome to stay with us if you don't mind staying with a strange stranger friend of a friend.

gotta figure out if I can swing Arisia first...

also depending on (assuming my social phobia and Cosmic Dread don't preempt it - or Broken Cars™) whether or not I manage to get through it under the radar. (Every time I think about going, and every time some one on my flist encourages me, and I get encouraged about the idea, this voice says This is really, really dumb, and I don't know if it's really the Voice of Prudence or just the Voice of PTSD speaking...)
I miss living on the East Coast and having a car. Somehow driving to Los Angeles or Denver or Seattle for a convention (from San Francisco) isn't nsearly as appealing as the drive from DC to Philly, Boston or Baltimore (although that convention gives me hives sometimes). And I don't think it's just because I'm a decade older and in constant pain, although that does count.

DC had any number (at least three in my heyday) of good-sized science fiction conventions plus a handful of gamer, franchise and et ceteras, whereas San Francisco proper has zero, zip, none. (I believe there may be something tawdry like a comics con or an anime con, and the occasional small franchise. Eh.) Okay, there's also World Horror, which I can practically throw rocks at from here, but it's smallish and not my genre, although I've been known to toddle that way to hear friends read or give Warren Ellis a pack of smokes.

Maybe it's just that the cons around here (by which I mostly mean "between me and San Jose") are much more targeted. DC tended to have very general, broad-based conventions, enabling a wide diversity of freaky people. Here we have LARPs and several gaming cons and furry cons of small but regular size, but only one 1000+ convention for All of the Above Sci-Fi Et Cetera. That's Baycon, and it's rather nice. (Oh all right and SiliCon, but last I checked I could throw a bigger party in my yard.)

But why the heck does the Weirdness Capital of California not have a local convention? I know it's expensive here, but that's what Oakland is for, darnit! And it can't be that much more expensive than a few other big cities that host cons regularly.

This hurts all the more because I once shared a house with a con which topped 2500 attendees in its heyday, and I worked nearly every department in my time (and ran a couple of them). Therefore, I have these ghastly urges to improve on many conventions I attend (don't ask about the time I took BaltiCon registration hostage with Nerf guns and sweet reason, but it was really necessary) - or worse, contemplate throwing one myself. This is a very stupid thing for someone with chronic fatigue syndrome to think, but I have these delusions of functionality.

Fortunately my darling partner stops me before I volunteer, but it's so *hard* to fight the itch. It's like letting a spelling mistake deliberately go unedited. It's *right there* and I know the people who run it and it would be so *easy* to just.... aiee!
Well, you'd certainly get a lot of writing time if you lived with us, and you'd be a five minute walk from a college library with free Internet access . . .

You would have to pay rent in critiques, though. ;)
*g* Well,I just need a roomate for the con....
Possibly we might arrange to meet for a Scotch somewhere?

I have no idea what my schedule will be like, but, you know, I will probably be in the bar between panels. *g*
I am! After careful end of the year juggling of money I just decided I could go.
Yay! It looks like I'm staying with Hannah, but I will see you there!
I'll be at Boskone, too.