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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Narcissisism, again.

Courtesy of Google Alerts, a review roundup. Private citizens have opinions, too. (this post mostly for the purpose of saving it to my memories as a roundup, but I left it public in case anybody wants to go spoiler herself.)

I have a fan at MIT: Jake Beal reviews Hammered and Scardown, very charitably. He's probably right about the datelines. I had my reasons for doing it that way, but I suspect in hindsight I could have done better. And the book design does make them kind of hard to read.

Susan Stepney of the University of York liked them, too.

On Sunpig.com, a not-half-bad and a better-than-not-half-bad.

The Deipnosophist loved Worldwired to death. Full disclosure; David's an acquaintance of mine. As the picture of me on the entry would tend to indicate.

ellarian has two sentences on Worldwired here. Spoiler.

"Reader" reviews Worldwired here, and likes it. Spoilers. You know the drill.

M. Dionne liked Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Danger better than the first two Jenny books. And I can't say I blame anybody for liking Elizabeth Moon, frankly.

Also, Jvstin reviews Worldwired. So does tryslora, and Scardown too. (More disclaimers, these are meatspace friends of mine of loooong standing.)

eukarya (who we see around here every once in a while) liked Scardown much better than Hammered. Go me.

"Prettier Than Napoleon" (thus provoking the icon) liked Hammered pretty well.

Whatta Fiasco liked Worldwired with reservations, but liked Scardown better (though found it maybe a bit on the shallow side), and liked Hammered. For bonus points, s/he liked Melusine, too.

Elizabeth wasn't too unhappy with Hammered. And Lisa at "Entertaining the Alien" liked it.

rsadelle is disappointed by book three.

AND! stillsostrange sent fanart! Look, it's Abby Irene!

And I think that's the roundup. If I missed you, let me know. *g*


"AND! sosostris2012 sent fanart! Look, it's Abby Irene!"

AND! Lookit! You're World Famous Author! Yay!

Cheers! :)
Hee. I'm a World Famous joke, anyway. The drawing, however, does look rather a lot like Abby Irene.
Fuzzy morning thinker that I am, I read that and thought, "Won't she know if she misses me? I kind of miss her. Oh...."
I kind of miss me too. Oh, er, I mean, you.

What time is it?

Where is my tea?
First time anyone has ever confused us for each other, I think! Your tea must not be anywhere near close enough.
Fan art is pretty cool. You know you've arrived when the next thing on the agenda is slash. ;-)

And you're world famous to boot.
I fear the Razorface/Jenny slash. (Though I guess it's not technically slash if it's heterosexual.) I've had a couple of people mention that they expected things to turn out that way, and I'm like, man, I always thought of that as an in loco parentis kind of relationship.

Razorface and Jenny? Ew..... Didn't she view him like a son?



I don't think I mentioned quite how much I'm looking forward to reading _Worldwired_... that would be: LOTS. The only reason I haven't got around to it yet is because I foolishly put it on my Christmas wish list, thus preventing me from actually buying it as soon as it was released. Fortunately, I have trained my family well enough that they now know to actually get me stuff from my wish list. So _Worldwired_ is now sitting on my desk, waiting for me to finish Alastair Reynolds' _Revelation Space_.

-Martin. (Sunpig)

Re: better-than-not-half-bad

Hi, Martin! Welcome by.

And ooo. Al Reynolds.

...I don't suppose I can convince you to read a little "John Norman" or something in between there to sort of cleanse your palate? *grin* Lest the comparison be a bit like scrambled eggs after caviar? *grin*

Re: better-than-not-half-bad

You do yourself a disservice, methinks. Your styles are different, for sure, but by no means incompatible. (And besides, scrambled eggs are a highly underrated comfort food. I'd take them over caviar any day!)

Re: better-than-not-half-bad



I think this illustrates pretty well why it's publishers who pick the back-cover blurbs. Top marks for the dispassionate spirit of inquiry though.
Well, yanno, for my website, or when asked for a blurb sheet, I tend to go with the unmitigated praise. OTOH, here at the livejournal, we aim for honesty rather than pimpage.

I figure if I was blowing smoke, people would figure it out pretty quickly.

...that doesn't stop me from singing like a canary when I get a really good review, mind you.

(p.s., hi! Who are ya?)