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peregrinations 2006

There are, as they say, the beginnings of a plan. So far, it looks like I'll be in Winston-Salem on January 14th, and the current itinerary has me doing a signing at a local Borders on the 15th in the afternoon. After that, things get kind of vague, but I expect to spend a couple of days at my Dad's place and then head out for DC by way of Virginia. Maybe on the 18th?

The plan is Winston-Salem to Harrisonberg (~250 miles), then lunch with jmeadows, and arriving in the nation's capital hopefully sometime before the evening rush. (~120 miles) I may stop in Manassas. Because it's there. And it would make Kyri jealous.

If ndannais will still have me, I'm spending one or two nights at her place, maybe doing a little sight-seeing, picking a convenient coffee shop to hang out in for a while if anybody wants to come visit and swap war stories (suggestions welcome, by the way), and then heading on to my mom's place in Chambersburg PA (~95 miles). (misia, I'm thinking of a detour through Baltimore--which is more or less along the way--on the 19th or the 20th, depending on how long Nicole will put up with me. If it's the 19th, would you like to do dinner, and if it's the 20th, how do you feel about brunch? And a little hanging out?)

I will remain in Pennsylvania until the morning of the 23rd, when I will drive to Stamford (~270 miles), park my truck, and take the train into NYC for Dinner With My Editors, who apparently plan to double-team me. Then, back to Stamford via train, and onward to Glastonbury (~80 miles).

And so, as Mr. Pepys would say, to bed.
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