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It occurs to me

given my current emotional state, my seeming inability to do anything more productive than doze in front of the Hitler Channel, the cold that I can't shake, and the fact that I'm alternating insomnia with sleeping twelve hours a night, that I may be overstressed. It would be really nice if all the stuff I have to do this month (the move, the apartment-finding) were already over with, so I could make a pot of home-made chicken and wild rice soup and take a nice, long nap. Interspersed with regular but not too strenuous trips to the gym.

Say, for a week or three.

2005 would likely go down in history as the Year Bear Overscheduled Herself To Within An Inch Of A Nervous Breakdown, if it were the first time I had pulled this trick.

Man, I have got to stop doing this to myself.

I think I'd be doing okay if it weren't for the move. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to being back in the Land Of Trees and Laconic Yankees again. West-coast style social interaction includes a hell of a lot of Justifying One's Existence to people, and it's exhausting.

Yankees just talk about the weather and their dogs. People out here want to know how your life is going and what your plans are and they are full of Questions, and who the hell wants to think about that?

...and then they think you're rude if you don't ask questions back, but who can get a word in edgewise?
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