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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

It occurs to me

given my current emotional state, my seeming inability to do anything more productive than doze in front of the Hitler Channel, the cold that I can't shake, and the fact that I'm alternating insomnia with sleeping twelve hours a night, that I may be overstressed. It would be really nice if all the stuff I have to do this month (the move, the apartment-finding) were already over with, so I could make a pot of home-made chicken and wild rice soup and take a nice, long nap. Interspersed with regular but not too strenuous trips to the gym.

Say, for a week or three.

2005 would likely go down in history as the Year Bear Overscheduled Herself To Within An Inch Of A Nervous Breakdown, if it were the first time I had pulled this trick.

Man, I have got to stop doing this to myself.

I think I'd be doing okay if it weren't for the move. On the other hand, I'm really looking forward to being back in the Land Of Trees and Laconic Yankees again. West-coast style social interaction includes a hell of a lot of Justifying One's Existence to people, and it's exhausting.

Yankees just talk about the weather and their dogs. People out here want to know how your life is going and what your plans are and they are full of Questions, and who the hell wants to think about that?

...and then they think you're rude if you don't ask questions back, but who can get a word in edgewise?


And you have to keep repeating phrases like, "Where I come from, we have an expression for that: 'none of your goddamn business.'" Which is very, very tiring.

Sometimes I despair of explaining the acronym "TMI" to people who live past a certain frostline... *g*
Overstressed? Ya think? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (it says "DON'T TALK TO ME").

Moving sucks. I shudder to think of ever having to do it again, but I probably will.
I sympathize. Here's to a better 2006!
LOL! As a born Montanan much happier in New England, I gotta say, you really nailed the difference betweem west and northeast. I love the folks back home, but they just won't leave you alone...

westerners always remind me of the Douglas Adams (ford Prefect) comment, that earth people talk so much because they are afraid that if they stop, their brains might start working. Southereners talk a lot, too, but they are mostly just putting you on. Real hillbillies talk about as much as Vermonters. Ayup.
You can come back and be a Yankee anytime, deah. 'Course, you'd have to move somewhere north of Connecticut to do it...
And a very cheerful fuck you to you too, Jim, this holiday season. *g*

Goddamn hill Yankees think they're something special.
well heck. I thought that was just a (bad) habit I was in danger of picking up from my mom. I don't ask near enough questions for her.

"Hi, Mom. X says hi."
"Oh, you talked to her. How is she?"
"Ok, I guess."
"Did you ask how the whatever went?"
"No." (if she wanted to talk about it, she would, right?)
"How's her mom?"
"I don't know."
"Did she ever do yzq?"
::pause::"She might have. I'm not sure."
"Didn't you ask anything? She'll think you don't like her."
*makes Cath an honorary Yankee*


Maybe upstate NY is a bit west of Connecticut, but I didn't think it was *that* far west. People here ask how your life is going all the time. To be fair though, they don't listen to the answer.

Re: Ahem....

Neither do we Californians, that's one of the reasons we keep asking.
People out here want to know how your life is going and what your plans are and they are full of Questions, and who the hell wants to think about that? ...and then they think you're rude if you don't ask questions back, but who can get a word in edgewise?

Huh. It's in New York (downstate) that I always felt like I couldn't get a word in edgewise, though to be fair folks there don't so much ask questions as focus on getting their own opinions in at great length.

I never thought of the more western sort of friendliness as tiring before, though. Now, talking to my Mom's (upstate New York) live-in, who answers every question you ask him with something that sounds very like "ayup," and who offers no attempt of conversation of his own, and who in fact says so little that you wonder why he answered the phone if he didn't want to talk--that's exhausting!

uh, we talk about our cars, too. And gardens.

but yeah, that's so true it made me laugh.

Because, really, one way to make people start backing away from you in NE is to start asking them questions about their personal lives. (The other way is to start telling them in gory detail about your own personal life, unasked.) Not that people don't *do* it up here, particularly the Aggressive Soccer Mom or Mediterranean Mother-In-Law types, but it does start generating that "back-away-slowly" field, and often *may* indicate "Not From Around Here!" status.

Ayuh. Dogs. Cars. Gardens. Weather, which can't be avoided.

--Oh, and we also like talking about *places.* You know, like how there used to be an ice cream parlor down where the road *used* to be before they moved it, you remember where the gas station used to be where it turned out they were a front for fencing stolen cars? where the old mattress store used to be, not the new building with the giant sheep on it out of Wallace and Gromit - yeah, we all like Wallace & Gromit, who doesn't? they really got that quizzical-dog expression just right - anyway, that's where the new Barnes and Nobles is, you might go down there if you're in the area, if it doesn't ice up this afternoon...

Re: uh, we talk about our cars, too. And gardens.

*loves you*
I can handle it if the interaction is values. It's the sensation of being "cased" that creeps me out. *g*
Moving is usually hell wherever it's to.

The Brits talk about the weather all the time, thank God, except in my little town where they also talk about crystals and how your chakras are doing. I rarely have a huge problem with this. If it gets too much I go and shop in the ironmongers or something for a bit.
What would be comforting would be if the ironmonger would adjust your chakras.


So that's why my in-laws think I talk too much. Who knew? :)

West coast girl marries Baltimore boy, in-laws refuse to meet her parents until the wedding, film at eleven.

Also, moving sucks. We're supposed to do it on Saturday. Unless something else dreadful happens, which it probably will, given the history of this move.

Re: Huh

*moral support*
West coasters talk alot?

I'm on the other-West coast, then. Or maybe the PacNW is different. No natives here talk much for fear of offending. Or doing something remotely un-PC. Or something. It's weird.

All my friends are east coast transplants or writers. And we all know writers are a different breed altogether. And we talk. A lot.

Er... none of us are Yankees, per say. Wer're mostly mid-Atlantic, so I guess that's totally different.

And no more overscheduling for you!