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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

all my friends are TLAs.

By way of tnh (and pnh), sdn asks, "Who Painted You?"

As for me... R. Crumb, I think. *g* Or maybe Frazetta. Though I'd like to be a Leighton. (links are art, but may not be work safe)

Who do you think painted me?

Who do you think painted you?


Maira, by Spike

There's bare boobs up there.

Reduce the nose and you've got me. Yes, I do attract men to cuddle up to me, also.
As a matter of fact, I have a rather unfortunate resemblence to the mosaic portrait of Theodora from Ravenna--bags under the eyes and all. But I dress differently, and no one's seen fit to allow me that much jewelry.
I love the Leighton for you! I'd like to think I'm a Botticelli, but I'm afraid I might be a Reubens...
oo, that Leighton is nice. I'd like to be painted by Terry Moore, of Strangers in Paradise. Not sure that's the same as thinking he painted me...

(unfortunately he doesn't do portraits, last I heard)

For who did paint me, I think more likely would be Rubens

--1 FLA
and in totally unrelated news... thanks for keeping me company during an unexpected 12 hour stay at the Detroit international airport. :) (I was reading HAMMERED.)
Oo, man, sorry about that.

Being stuck in Detroit, not the book. *g* Did you find it there, or bring your own?
I brought it with me, specifically for the flight home, actually. Yes, I'm THAT nerdy about flying that I bring one book for the way there and one for the way back. Eventually I'll upload a picture of the "hobo camp" I made to sleep in at gate A43, since the airline doesn't provide hotel vouchers if a flight is canceled due to weather. No, I'm not bitter. Wait, yes I am.
*g* I have done that thing too. Also, at ComiCon, outside the exhibition hall.
Oh, I'm definitely a Renoir.


is me as a kid, no question.



are me and my sister. Seriously.

Though apparently he also painted Renee Zellwegger:

I'm either this one by Matisse -- http://www.abcgallery.com/M/matisse/matisse3.html -- or a Frida Kahlo with more boobs and thighs and butt and...yeah.

You, however...one those neo-Classical things with the redheaded women draped all over things wrapped in sheets. The Faerie or historical scenes, ironically enough... *g*
gilbert shelton, sad to say...
Ruebens, for me. Or Ingres.

(Sorry to delete and repost, I was having keyboard issues and didn't realize it. Batteries replaced now.)
I pick...Quentin Blake
For me, probably Hans Holbein (more here -- the one of Anna Meyer does look a bit like me, except her nose is bigger). :)
For you, as someone suggested, Quentin Blake.

I was painted by Goya. In middle age, I will probably be etched by Dürer.

Hm. Michael Whelan, I suppose.
My father thinks my face resembles "Girl with a Pearl Earring", and somewhere I have a picture of a Greek sculptural frieze of a girl who looks just like I did when I was ten years old.

I suspect I am too grossly ignorant of art to figure out who painted me or you, but for me it's got to be somebody who understands sad-faced bone structure and shadowed eyes. I have seen insufficient photos of you to judge.

I used to be a FLA: EABD. For Eloise Almeda Beltz-Decker (acrimonious divorce when I was three -- I was one of the vanguard of the now-cresting wave of Hyphenated-Americans, and I have the battlescars with bureaucracy to prove it). Now my last name's Mason, which is MUCH easier to spell and live with. My dad's family got snippy with me, and I had to go, "Look. Twelve letters, hyphenated, AND impossible to spell, or five letters and a common word? I love y'all, I'm still part of the family, but SUCK IT UP."

My grandfather used to kid me that I should marry a Mexican aristocrat, and become (for example) Eloise Almeda de la Hoya y Beltz-Decker.
Raphael painted you.

Me? Whoever did the Pop-Eye cartoons because I look like Olive Oyle.
Oh, I was thinking Waterhouse for you, with the wonderful romantic dreamy wavy hair.
lol! Maybe thirty years ago!

But thanks for the kindly thought!
That merely reflects the limits of his vision, not of your charm.
Nobody painted me. I exist only in strange photos of chubby hippies who live on farms. I am only one of those three things-- although my parents were hippies and I grew up on a farm, by now, all I am is chubby.
Though I'd like to be a Leighton.

Yes! In every conceivable way, I would like to be Flaming June. The looks, but also her peace, her warmth, her rest.
Kandinsky. Me, you, everybody, it's all Kandinsky.
Rubens, I suspect, though without the masses of flowing hair. Or I might be the Venus of Willendorf, if sculpture's allowed...
Sculpture is definitely allowed. Nay, encouraged!