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psst. pass it on.

Since James van Pelt is no longer maintaining the Campbell Award Eligibility website, as far as I know, and since my L.A. con IV progress report with the Hugo nomination form just showed up, may I take this moment to point out that truepenny, aka Sarah Monette, is--I believe--eligible for the Campbell Award this year?

Under the "new" rules, this would be Sarah's second year of eligibility, due to a publication in Strange Horizons, and under the "old" rules, it would be her first, for Melusine.

I hear a rumor that they are "erring on the side of preserving eligibility." But that's worth what you paid for it. However, that leads me on to note that I also believe that mizkit, aka C.E. Murphy, and dlandon, aka Dena Landon should also be on that list.

As should a certain John Scalzi. Unless I have my dates wrong.

As I suspect they're unlikely to make a fuss of it themselves, I'm doing it for them. This isn't an exhaustive list either--I'm sure I missed somebody around here that should be on it.

So, you could nominate them. If, you know, you happened to be going to Worldcon. Or have been to the last Worldcon. Or paid to go and then didn't. You know.

And you happened to enjoy their work. And ignoring entirely the fact that they are friends (and in truepenny's case, co-writers) of mine. Because of course that has nothing to do with it.

Your vote definitely counts for the nomination process, by the way. It doesn't take much to get a name on the list. So if you like somebody's work, for the love of Mike, vote for them.

(I don't suppose anybody has a word on the short-fiction/long-fiction Best Professional Editor split? Because I think the process cries out for that one.)
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