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GIP. also, another narcissistic meme

commodorified made this for me. Isn't it loffly?

1. I hate to be needed. This is one major reason I will never have kids, because it gives me the creeps to have people relying on me in other than a professional manner. If I were being self-analytical, I would say it was a boundary issue; my general response to having somebody try to hold on to me is first to attempt to withdraw, and then to grow prickles.

This would not be a good way to raise a kid.

This isn't to say that I won't offer emotional support or friendship or a sympathetic ear, but, catlike, I tend to scratch when grabbed. It's not a pretty characteristic, but it doesn't seem to be one I can fix, either. Also, I go through cycles where I do not want people around, mostly, and I sure as hell don't want to talk about it.

This is on my mind currently because I'm in one of these cycles right now. And because I was, as I mentioned yesterday, identifying a little heavily with Heath Ledger's character in the movie. Though without the great repressed self-destructive passion.

2. From the weighty to the ridiculous: my small toes are on sideways. No, literally. It's actually not that uncommon, but it's particularly striking on my feet, as even the second toes are slightly twisted. They work okay, though; just not pretty for sandals.

3. I like gray days. Extended exposure to warmth and sunlight makes me cranky unless I'm under trees. Blue eyes. Headaches.

4. I used to wear a lot of rings, all the time, in positively dyketastic profusion. Before I started to develop a nickel allergy. And gained a bunch of weight. On the other hand, I bought two (very different) silver-and-tourmaline rings at WFC, and have been making an effort to wear them more often. The rest of my rings are in storage in Connecticut. Once I get back to the gym (slated for the week after I move into my new place, which of course I first have to find) and start getting back into shape, I may make an effort to start wearing them again, because I miss them. I sense a lot of clear nail polish in my future.

5. I am not the sort of girl that men, in general, buy flowers or jewelry for. (There have been a couple of exceptions.) And I'm okay with that, because I am the sort of girl they have long soul-baring conversations with, and that's generally better.

6. I'm not a perfectionist, in that I will keep working on things in a futile attempt to make them better. On the other hand, I am always acutely aware that whatever I've done isn't as good as it could have been, just as good as I could have made it.

7. I love pomegranates.

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