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Go it, bear.

Mark Vonnegut on his dad's controversial statements regarding suicide bombers, from the Boston Globe.

Kurt loves to be gloomy and tragic. It's a loss to him that his life has mostly gone so well. He envies Twain and Lincoln their literary talents, but also their dead children. If my sisters and I were a little more devoted, we would have drawn straws. More than once or twice I've been fed to the teeth with my father's negativity and provocative posturing, but that doesn't make him un-American or proterrorist.

If these commentators can so badly misunderstand and underestimate an utterly unguarded English-speaking 83-year-old man with an extensive public record of exactly what he thinks, maybe we should worry about how well they understand an enemy they can't figure out what to call.

The outcome in Iraq will not depend on what we believe and how hard we believe it.

Go it, Mark.
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