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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Pretend that you owe me nothing, and all the world is green.

This post is forward-dated to the top of my lj, so that wanderers will take note. (eta, I had to de-forward-date it, as it was screwing up my rss feed. Le sigh.)

Just did a bunch of account maintenance, and I noticed a bunch of new faces out there. So, what with one thing and another, and given that misia  just wrote something similar and I liked it and agreed with it, this seems like a good time for a policy statement and to ask for introductions. Step up! Sit down! Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself.

Also, feel free to ask questions, argue, agree, and comment or respond to the comments of others. I don't always respond to every comment, especially if my reaction is "yeah, me too." But I like reading them.

If you flame somebody, or I think you're trolling, I will sit on you. But I really don't do that often. If I don't friend you back, it's nothing personal. It's just that I can't read any more blogs than I already do.

Now, mission statement. This isn't a pro blog, but it isn't not a pro blog either, if you know what I mean. By which I mean, this is as pure an exercise in narcissism as any livejournal out there. I talk about politics and spirituality (my philosophy is more or less pragmatist-humanitarian with Erisian Buddhist influences, though I was raised Pagan), mass media, pop culture, my job (my learning process involves explaining things to myself, so there's a lot of nattering about writing here, and often it's thoughts-in-progress, so it may be complete crack).

I link both good and bad reviews of my work, because they interest me. I perform memeage. I talk about fannish things too, and books I'm reading, and movies and television I've seen, and things that have pissed me off.

I also talk about my dogs and cats. And, when I am actually working (which I am not, right now, because I am packing and Thinking Very Hard about the Undertow proposal that was due last week, ahem), I post daily word counts and metrics. Sorry about that; in compensation, I try to put something funny or interesting in those posts so that they're not entirely masturbation.

I also sometimes post funny chat conversations with friends, or intriguing bits of research, or whining about how hard my job is (and it is hard. but I like it. I still whine sometimes, though) and I have been known to spoiler myself. I like to eat and cook and drink tea and scotch, and I talk about all that stuff here. About the first week of February, expect gym reports, since I'm embarking on Project Healthy Bear 2006 once I'm back in Connecticut.

So I guess what I'm saying is, fair warning. The journal subtitle is "this *is* my professional image." Which is meant as a joke. Because it is, but this is also the same blog I've been maintaining since 2002, when I hadn't sold much of anything, and I wear slippers and blue jeans to work in, so this isn't going to be one of those incisive lit blogs. Feel free to come and go as you please; it's pretty random what gets talked about here, so I don't expect to hold anybody's interest if they show up because of one type of post and then hit a patch of two months of daily writing metrics.

It's more like the rambling two AM conversation when everybody else at the party has gone home and the living room is trashed and you're out of beer so the last few stragglers are eating the oily room-temperature cheese and drinking hot cocoa and falling asleep mid-sentence.

But we have got cocoa.


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It's more like the rambling two AM conversation when everybody else at the party has gone home and the living room is trashed and you're out of beer so the last few stragglers are eating the oily room-temperature cheese and drinking hot cocoa and falling asleep mid-sentence.

Which is the best part of the party, anyway. :)
damn straight.

Erisian Buddhist influences

Dude. "There is no reality, but if there were, it would be really random?"

Re: Erisian Buddhist influences

"Propel, propel, propel your craft
Along the broad confluence
cheerfully, happily, joyfully, gleefully,
Existence is illusion."

*g* Most Buddhist thing around.


"...I post daily word counts and metrics. Sorry about that..."

Now see, I dig those. They're inspirational.

Re: Metrics

Whereas I live for the 'mean things' and 'mammalian assistance' listings. :->
*steps up to the microphone*

Hi. I'm Mike Lee. I was a freelance writer/designer in the tabletop RPG industry for about 10 years, and have since moved on to write (sporadically) for the video game industry and to try my hand at novels. I'm currently writing a five-book fantasy series for Black Library Publishing in the UK (three down, two to go), which is proving to be a real learning experience.

I'm married with four kids, have a soul-crushing day job at the local university here in Nashville, and in my fleeting moments of spare time I drink scotch, play the odd wargame, and practice kendo.

Hi, Mike Lee! Pleased to meet you! And good luck with that series.
Hi. I'm Jessica Melusine. I've read your work, found you on LJ and enjoyed that as well. I make strange dolls, write and when I can, model. Pleased to meet you.
You have a great name! what sort of strange dolls?
Hi. My name's Brian. I use a complicated scientific system to select people to add to my friend's list. It works like this:

- I browse journals of existing friends.
- Someone (you, for a recent example) makes a clever and or witty comment.
- I, using the Brian's Random Whim Generation Algorithm, determine that there is a reasonably probability this person will repeat his/her/its error.
- On the list you go!

(As a side note, when my victim turns out to be a published author [the current count is 3 to my knowledge], it does increase the probability that I will active seek out, evaluate, and possibly purchase something said author has written. This is, of course, not a guarantee and is subject to many restrictions and limitations such as "can I feed my kids today?" and other similarly trivial concerns.)

So, thanks for making me think and/or laugh. Please feel free to continue. :)
Also, I wince when I discover that, when posting to the journal of someone literate, I have made an inadvertent error in my usage of English. I make intentional ones all the time, but that's different...
Step up! Sit down! Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself.

I'm Nea, here via friends lists; someone (forget who of the several friends we have in common) cited you, I took a look at the journal, decided I liked it, and added you to the list.

Me, I'm an avid book reader and a reviewer. Mostly mysteries for reviewing, although I read multiple genres for fun.
Hi, Nea! Nice to meet you!
Awesome. I might be one of those people, so:

I'm Chris (duh), I'm not a published or failed writer (but will be one or the other by the end of this year, I think), I talk too much (but most people forgive me), I own one of your books and will read it soon (mostly 'cos the cover is shiny), and those 2am moments at parties are absolutely hands down my favourite bit (except I'll probably have been hiding a bottle of Rioja somewhere, and will pull it out to ward off threats of cocoa).

I also have a penchant for parentheses!

I stumbled my way here through comments on Scott Lynch's blog, probably, and am an aquaintence of his via Frameshift.

Lastly, I cull my small friends list of about ten people quite regularly, and you've out-lived many other bloggers, so there must be something good about this place!
"Hi, Chris!"

It starts to seem like an AA meeting after a while, doesn't it?
I’m Max Kaehn, software engineer by day, role-playing gamer by night. You might enjoy some of my work on Shadowrun, Feng Shui, or my accumulating set of escaped gaming memes on my LJ; all ideas there are free for use by anyone who wants to have fun with them. If you need to be cuted out at any time, you can check out my gallery of pix of my Maine Coon cats.
I have a low-impact d20 in nearly as bad shape as yours, but mine is green.

I keep thinking it should be enshrined.
I generally go by Serenya/Serrennial and Loredena on the net.

I'm a middle aged and holding woman, married, only furkids (dog and cat). I like scotch, tea, and chocolate. I'm a an avid reader but hate to write (lj and board blathering doesn't count :p)

kiztent nee pentane linked you off and on, mostly aiming at a mutual friend (for your 'how to write' posts) but a few caught my eye so I friended you. For awhile you remained on my non-default page ('cause metrics are boring :p) but after a spate of non-metrics migrated to my default where you've stayed. I've not read any of your books yet (sorry!) but I did add one to my Amazon list (along with a few you linked that looked interesting).

Mmm, cocoa!
Hello! You're not really a new kid, though--or maybe I'm used to seeing your name from friends in common?
well, hello! :) i just added you because i've been reading a lot of literary and author blogs lately, and discovered you through other blogs. i'm curious about the lives of writers and how they deal with their everyday lives. i'm an aspiring writer myself so i find all of this very informative and enlightening. :)
Nice to meet you!
I must say, you write a lovely intro.
why thank you. you give a lovely compliment.
someone, possibly hernewshoes linked over here a while ago, and I friended, for I enjoy Renaissance geekery, am intermittently writing a book with Shakespearean themes, and think i should probably know more about Marlowe.

Glad to know you!
Hi! Ooo, shakespearean books.

If you are in pursuit of Kit, both the Nicholl book (The Reckoning) and the recent Park Honan biography are very good.
*waves* Hi, my name is Rhien...ok, actually it's Charity, but online I go by Rhien. If I recall correctly, I found you because more than one member of my f-list referenced your LJ within a couple of days of each other, making me curious enough to take a look-see for myself.

I read a lot, write a lot, and yes, have aspirations of being published for more than the single short story I've sold. For fun I roleplay, surf/post to LJ, do fandom things like write fic and squee about my favorite shows/movies/books. Married with no kids except the dog and the cat. My husband and I write together, which alternates between being fun and/or making both or either of want to rip the other's hair out. Mostly we write fantasy, with the occassional foray into SF.

Also, I don't comment as often as I should when scrolling through my f-list. :)
I'm Richard. I mostly write short stories and complain about not having enough time to read.
And provoke the establishment. That's important too.
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