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Pretend that you owe me nothing, and all the world is green.

This post is forward-dated to the top of my lj, so that wanderers will take note. (eta, I had to de-forward-date it, as it was screwing up my rss feed. Le sigh.)

Just did a bunch of account maintenance, and I noticed a bunch of new faces out there. So, what with one thing and another, and given that misia  just wrote something similar and I liked it and agreed with it, this seems like a good time for a policy statement and to ask for introductions. Step up! Sit down! Tell me your name and a little bit about yourself.

Also, feel free to ask questions, argue, agree, and comment or respond to the comments of others. I don't always respond to every comment, especially if my reaction is "yeah, me too." But I like reading them.

If you flame somebody, or I think you're trolling, I will sit on you. But I really don't do that often. If I don't friend you back, it's nothing personal. It's just that I can't read any more blogs than I already do.

Now, mission statement. This isn't a pro blog, but it isn't not a pro blog either, if you know what I mean. By which I mean, this is as pure an exercise in narcissism as any livejournal out there. I talk about politics and spirituality (my philosophy is more or less pragmatist-humanitarian with Erisian Buddhist influences, though I was raised Pagan), mass media, pop culture, my job (my learning process involves explaining things to myself, so there's a lot of nattering about writing here, and often it's thoughts-in-progress, so it may be complete crack).

I link both good and bad reviews of my work, because they interest me. I perform memeage. I talk about fannish things too, and books I'm reading, and movies and television I've seen, and things that have pissed me off.

I also talk about my dogs and cats. And, when I am actually working (which I am not, right now, because I am packing and Thinking Very Hard about the Undertow proposal that was due last week, ahem), I post daily word counts and metrics. Sorry about that; in compensation, I try to put something funny or interesting in those posts so that they're not entirely masturbation.

I also sometimes post funny chat conversations with friends, or intriguing bits of research, or whining about how hard my job is (and it is hard. but I like it. I still whine sometimes, though) and I have been known to spoiler myself. I like to eat and cook and drink tea and scotch, and I talk about all that stuff here. About the first week of February, expect gym reports, since I'm embarking on Project Healthy Bear 2006 once I'm back in Connecticut.

So I guess what I'm saying is, fair warning. The journal subtitle is "this *is* my professional image." Which is meant as a joke. Because it is, but this is also the same blog I've been maintaining since 2002, when I hadn't sold much of anything, and I wear slippers and blue jeans to work in, so this isn't going to be one of those incisive lit blogs. Feel free to come and go as you please; it's pretty random what gets talked about here, so I don't expect to hold anybody's interest if they show up because of one type of post and then hit a patch of two months of daily writing metrics.

It's more like the rambling two AM conversation when everybody else at the party has gone home and the living room is trashed and you're out of beer so the last few stragglers are eating the oily room-temperature cheese and drinking hot cocoa and falling asleep mid-sentence.

But we have got cocoa.


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