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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

link salad

Ruth and Jay have an article on notes to aspiring authors in the new IROSF. Nick and Kat variously take umbrage and exception, each according to their nature.

Booksquare on the Bruce Holland Rogers subscription self-publishing model.

jonquil is a boy. Judging by her list of criteria, I'm a boy too.

warren_ellis has linked to the first issue of his-and-Ben-Templesmith's comic Fell online. I have been buying, and like this comic.

And in a narcissism moment, Heather K. Ward appreciates "This Tragic Glass" for the ED SF project, still ongoing and chock full of cool appreciations.

sclerotic_rings links this Newsweek story on getting better with age. Age and treachery really will defeat youth and skill.


Well, according to that list, we're all boys!

I said yes to nearly every one of those.
I have absolutely nothing useful to add besides the fact that I really dig your LJ icon.
I am constantly amused by the idea my teenaged students have that because I'm over 40 (almost can say I'm over 45, but I have a month to go) I have no clue as to what they're up to.

I dare say I was up to more at that age than they are in many things.
I'm a guy, too. But I knew that without any tests.

And I'm too old to waste time on envy. Or hate or snarkiness or lots of other recreational emotions I used to enjoy. Just too busy with life for that, thank you.

Most of the time, anyway :)

Some folks' opinions just irk the snot out of me, which is why I really, really shouldn't read them.

I guess there are days when I have a desire to be irked. You'd think I'd have outgrown it.
Oh, come on, be with your bad self. Let's hear it.
Doesn't it? Wow!
Absolutely. If it was easy it wouldn't be fun and all that.