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I might like you better if we slept together.

Link Salad

via supergee, The Pagan Hierarchy (snrch). Except, realistically, it would be a Klein-bottle-like structure where everybody looks down on everybody else.  Somebody should hypertext and cross-reference that with The Geek Hierarchy.

More proof that the People should not be allowed to "choose."

white_serpent thinks my books really, really stink. And the characters are lousy and insufficiently differentiated, too. (I do feel constrained to correct a misquote of what I said about Worldwired, which wasn't that I didn't like it, but--paraphrasing--that the books that are easier to write are never first in my heart the way the ones that kick my head in are.[Original entry here.])

Somebody from Quebec came up to me at World Fantasy and actually got the Franglish thing, though, so at least one reader figured that out. And made my entire convention in the process.

It's amazing what you think is transparently clever, and isn't.

However, a responder on blogspot calls Worldwired "riveting". So there ya go. Google Alerts will teach you pretty quickly that you can't please 'em all.

In other news, james_nicoll is still possibly the smartest man on the internets: flying through the beam of a pulsar _will_ void the warranty on your ship.
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