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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

reply hazy; try again later

I am out of post-novel ennui (finally!) and into that stage of recovery that I don't really have a name for. It's characterized by watching a lot of documentaries, reading a lot of books, doing a lot of web-surfing, and having a lot of ooo! shiny! creative moments that are completely unrelated to any desire to actually sit down and make words happen. In the last 24 hours, I have been briefly captivated by the Troll Platform, Tino Wallenda, and a literary collusion involving Kilgore Trout, Willim Ashbless, and Jonathan Herovit.

Well, I've been saying for a while that I should write a circus story. Maybe what I need is to write a story about three fictional writers encountering a family of aerialists on an offshore drilling rig.

Except the circus story is supposed to have a bottle tree in it, because I promised stillsostrange a short story entitled "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree" one of these days.

Ehn. I'll start writing again eventually. Once I get irritated enough.


Come on over, we'll have a party.
oh, dear me. Ooops.
Vacation. *g*

Yeah, I get all kinds of ideas from reality. (And thank you!)
Your icon makes me really happy in a quiet sort of way every time I see it.

Enjoy ennui and a pause to fill up the shelves in the inspiration rooms again!
I just had to comment since I live not that far from those impressive platforms. I have seen a smaller one than the Troll close up, and they're so huuuge you wouldn't believe.
The weather forecast for today is storm in the North sea and along the coast, and they predicted waves close to the shore up to 15 metres, which is high near land. My stepdad told me they had to tie themselves to the ladders when working in windy weather, and I was scared sometimes when the weather was so bad they couldn't get ashore. (He's retired now, thank the powers.)

It would be awesome to see a story set on a rig. With clowns! Acrobats!

Thank you for the details; that's really useful. Aren't they amazing? I've only seen them on television (we have a TV channel here in the US that does a lot of documentaries on engineering triumphs) and they just awe me.

And I'm glad your stepdad is safely retired.
Yes, very amazing! the large platforms are build to resist waves up to nearly forty metres, and bla bla *g*
Both my stepsister's hubby and one of my hubby's cousins are cooks on different platforms, so when we meet during summer the cousin regales us with stories.
Once, in a storm, the whole deck was pushed from the underside more than one metre straight up when my stepfather was on it... And I'll stop for real now *g*
Oh,totally. Keep talking if you want, if you don't mind my swiping some of your details for the story....
: ) Just tell me if there's some detail you wonder about, and I'll try to find it out. (My stepfather is a great teller of tales, but there's some truth in them sometimes...)
When I get the story written, I could send it to you for fact checking, if that would be okay....
Send it along, it would be an honour! I'll see if I can figure out the facts about these monsters and such.
Thank you!