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I'm on the ground in North Carolina and very well fed. *g*

Bart Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus: while not quite a staggering work of heartbreaking genius, this is a really neat book. It focuses on the intentional and accidental scribal errors introduced into the Greek and Vulgate Bibles in the pre-printing-press era, with a brief history of the early Christian church thrown in for lagniappe. Neat book.

Nalo Hopkinson, The Salt Roads: I've only read short stories by her before; I am now possessed by the uncontrollable desire to go out and read everything Nalo's ever written. NOW. From a standing start, she's catapulted herself to favorite writer status with this novel.

It is an amazing document. The life stories of three women--a doctoress in pre-rebellion Haiti, Jeanne Duvall, and a Nubian prostitute in Alexandria--and I won't spoil how they intersect. An incredible novel.

Excuse me, but I think I need to go get a job digging ditches or something. Just wow.

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