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I'm up and clean and dressed and oatmealed, which seems to mean I'm ready for my nap... or so my body would have me believe. I guess the travel took it out of me. I'm sitting here checking email on my stepmpm's computer listening to Bob Edwards on public radio; Teresa has a wall map of the US on the wall right over the monitor, so I can see exactly how far I traveled yesterday and how far I have yet to go. But not until Wednesday.

Still, once you've driven across the country widthwise, halfway up the east coast doesn't look far at all. I'm trying to think of this road trip as a vacation, and more about the journey than the getting there. And I'm looking forward to visiting with folks along the way.

On the other hand, I'd like to have the whole moving thing over with.

I think I'm too goal-oriented.

stardusting is home safely, I see. Anybody see the streak of light? I left the west coast just in time to miss it.

Impeccable timing is a trademark. Why do you ask?

Book signing in Winston-Salem today.

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