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today we....

*bought and "installed" speakers for the truck (They still need to be actually duct taped in place; this truck is 2/3rds duct tape and 1/3rd baling wire.)

*bought sand and a shovel for the truck, just in case

*purchased and installed a hasp on the cap, to compensate for the busted cap lock (some inspired redneck engineering, there.)

*changed the oil in the truck

*didn't get maps, because the Triple A office went away. So we have to go out and get maps later.

*got me some practice starting on hills, as I have not drove a stick since 2002. I did not stall. I did ride the clutch rather a lot.

*blew some of the crusted sand and mud out of the cab with a compressor hose (but failed to get it all)

*ate sweet potato french fries

*failed to nap.

*did not actually paint large blue flowers on the truck doors. yet.

Tomorrow, Virginia or bust.

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