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As promised: Lunch tomorrow: Fudrucker's at 734 7th Street Northwest (just up from the MCI center) around noon.

52 Book Challenge--Book 9. Martin Cruz Smith, Wolves Eat Dogs.

There's so much I love about this man's writing. The fearlessness, for one thing. The way he dives into a metaphor and stakes it to the ground. *bam* His characterization. The way he uses a classic, Dashiel-Hammett-esque objective POV and manages to make it immersive and potent.

And the twists and turns of his twisty brain are just wondrous to watch. Also, he's evil to his characters.

Wolves Eat Dogs isn't so much a thriller or a mystery novel as a meditation on corruption disguised as a mystery novel. It has a haunted, elegaic, decayed feel--appropriate, as large parts of it are set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. It left me deeply uncomfortable. I liked it a lot.

Made it from Winston-Salem NC to Springfield VA today. Tomorrow, touristing!
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