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How I spent my January vacation

After bombing North yesterday, blaring Gordon Lightfoot and trying to regulate the temperature in the truck's leaky cabin through the delicate balance of heat and cracked windows, today was a day of, well, not exactly rest.

I'm reading Nick O'Donohoe's Too Too Solid Flesh, which is not working for me overall, though there are some cool bits. I have to finish it so I can make sure that the thing I think is a giant glaring plot hole is or not, though. (Memo: please to only use the same adjective as a dialogue modifier once on a page.)

And also, ndannais and I got into trouble. We did a little shopping at H&M, visited the Spy Museum (Not only did I get to see Emma Peel's leather pants and Kelly Robinson's tennis racquet, but I was also six inches from Illya Kuryakin's gun--and various less media-friendly spy tools, including a replica of a Bulgarian assassination umbrella), and then went through part of the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian. We did dinosaurs and part of the hall of minerals. I got to pet a nickel-iron meteorite. We schlepped all over DC. My feet hurt.

And then we got sick on chili.

And so to bed.

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