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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

John Joseph Adams announces the incipient perforation of F&SF.

truepenny on why writers write about writers.

Driving the little red truck long distances is really kind of tiring. It's old enough to drive itself, at this point, if it could pass the test, and it has power nothing, is a manual, and needs shocks. So getting someplace is a story of brute force.

I had a lovely luncheon with misia and perigee, who fed me very well and buried me under friendly animals.

And then I got here and wrestled seven Briards. In sequence, not in parallel. I can wrestle two Briards at once, but that's my limit. Anyway, I have now wrestled Uri, Ubiorn, Teeha, Tison, Attilla, Legolas, and Valon. They are all very bad dogs and need many beatings.

So, in the past three days, I have met and hugged seven ferrets (Oscar, Stewie, Simon, Austin, Leanne, Suzi, and Diego) four cats (Swanee, Lily, Fez, and Mrs. Calabash) one Akita (Ushi) and seven Briards (some of whom I had met before.) A busy week for hugging. *g* 

The truck still goes pretty good. I suspect it's going to need a new muffler soon, however. And maybe some other bits.

I'm reading John Scalzi's Old Man's War. Today we're going to Gettysburg.

I do not have to drive.



Love the icon. :-)

I tried to make an animated Narnia icon, but couldn't figure it out.
Somebody over at tilda_is_love just posted a bunchamo Narnia icons, FWIW.

Hugging animals makes everything better. :)

And yay for Old Man's War! I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on it, if you post them.

see, if you'd only pass through here, you could hug we_felines_four...

(okay, three of the four, anyway. Pandora doesn't DO hugs.)
It's more being hugged than hugging, really. *g* I'm pretty good at making friends with housepets.
Ever read The Killer Angels? That was what made me understand what happened at Gettysburg.
*G* That sounds hellafun. Have fun in Gettysburg! :)
Briards rock -- I miss our author escort in San Diego's briards, who we were able to visit on occasion...
Briards are awesome. All the dog, all the time. *g*
You're welcome. *g* If you ever want one, I can tell you who to talk to....

The ears are cropped; a natural Briard ear is more spanielesque, but v. hairy.
hooray for road trips and fuzzy-hugging!

let me know if you reach new jersey so i can stalk... er... yeah, let's go with stalk... you. ;)
:: So getting someplace is a story of brute force. ::

Ah, such things remind me why travel is rooted in travail. I love big old brute-force trucks that you have to wrestle down the road, but for road-trips nothing beats a cushy modernmobile.

Well, okay, teleportation would probably beat out the modernmobile. And cruise ships. But I'm still waiting to experience either one.
...That little truck has one other endearing attribute (probably caused in part by the fact that the door-seals are shot): it's NOISY AS HELL ON THE INSIDE!
Oh, it's not that bad.
Well, it did a fine job of drowning out that little boom-box! :-) ...The extra noise does add to the driving fatigue, tho.

Do these dogs have eyes?

I know that they must, but the web-pics suggest otherwise. I hope the truck makes it in ?one? - well as few pieces as needed to stay safely on the road.
We had temps in the 50s today (I feel like I'm sending a weather report from LV, NV - Global warming?)
Stay safe,

Re: Do these dogs have eyes?

Actually, they navigate entirely by sonar, like bats! (kidding, kidding)


How cool is that? Sounds like a wonderful time being surrounded by dogs, cats and ferrets.

I'm not sure if I should be angry or amused at JJA's comments.

Re: Briards!!!!

Yay dogs!

Angry at JJA? How come?

Re: Briards!!!!

Oh, I don't know. Maybe his comments just didn't grab me.

I've always been curious. How does one go about hugging a ferret?
About like one hugs a stuffed animal, but more gently.