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Ooo, narcissistic writer memes!

10 ways to know you are reading one of my stories?


...I can't do this meme. I dunno. You tell me. They all look different to me, or I wouldn't write them.

This was not at all a bad book and there's a lot about it to like. It moved along nicely, it has some genuinely poignant moments, and it set up some interesting ethical questions. The protagonist is engaging, and there are some genuinely funny bits. My own preference is for deeper and more problematic characterization and a more profound examination of implications, but I don't think that's a flaw of the book so much as a way in which my palate did not suit the meal. It did keep me from falling in love, though.

But I do wish the character voices had been more diverse.

Next up, John Varley's Mammoth.
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