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Pam Noles, at the (late, lamented) The Infinite Matrix talks about the whitewash of genre, and Shame.

What she said. Which is why, by the way, people who tell me that, as a white woman, it is exploitative for me to be writing about African-American or West Indian or Native American or Asian or Aboriginal or Latino characters will be summarily laughed at.

If I can write elves, I can write black folks. Hell, it's easier than writing elves; I don't know any elves that I can send a story to to tell me if I got it wrong. (Canadians are hard, eh?)

It's why I work very hard to allow my characters to be who they are--bisexual, asexual, gay, straight, transgendered, intersexed; black, white, brown, tan, ochre, or olive; Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Muslim, atheist, heathen, or agnostic.... Hmm. Stopping now, or I could be here for a while.

Because it matters to somebody. Dammit.

Pam Noles has more here in her blog (thank you, ide_cyan)

ETA stillnotbored comes in from another angle here: "Pretty good, for a girl".
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