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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Found Poetry:

Mist on the Hudson River
breaking up the sheer headlands

clings like a woman
cold in a chiffon gown.


$4.00 TOLL

"Have a nice day,"
the toll operator says.

And Billy Joel was singing about the Empire State.


Beautiful drive yesterday. It only took me three tries to get through the 17/287/87 interchange, which must be some kind of personal best. (There are two 287 Souths, you see, and the signage is Not Helpful. One of them is really 287 East, anyway. Nyah!)

I had a really nice day in New York City with the Editrixen, Josh, Dave, coffeeandink, and arcaedia. (Though not all at once.)

The last half hour of the drive was a bit harrowing, as the snow started coming down pretty fast. The roads were good, but visibility went to hell for a while. Still, I'm here--safe in Connecticut, and need to get cracking on finding a place to live.

Funny how crossing the Hudson River really felt like coming home.


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Welcome home. :)
thank you!
Glad you're home. *hugs*
Thank you!
Glad you guys made it safe-home last night.

And did arcaedia tell you I'll be local(ish) on Friday?
She did! New Haven area, yes?
You're moving to Connecticut?
moved, even.
It was great to see you!
You too!


I'm glad you felt the homecoming thrill and wish you quick good luck on finding a place to hang your hat, shelve your books, stack your papers, desk your computer, rack your pots and pans, tack up your art, roll up your sleeves, and live.

Welcome home. :)
Welcome back to New England! You got here just in time to enjoy the return of winter. ;)

I like

your found poem. good luck with the home hunt!

Re: I like

thank you!
Welcome to the neighborhood! Nice to be home, eh.
Welcome home!
ooooh yeah, that 17/287/87 thing is a major pain in the ass... I encountered it frequently traveling between vermont and new jersey. bleh.

welcome back to the northeast. *grin* here's your interchange, your traffic circle, and a side order of jughandles.
If only we could admit that 287 is really a beltway (with a little gap for water), we could avoid all these silly spots where 287 North goes south and 287 South goes north, etc. We could have an Inner Loop and an Outer Loop, and people would be able to tell without thinking too hard whether they were going clockwise or counter.

My first year in Jersey, I had a traumatic 287 navigational experience, and wouldn't go back on that sucker for three years.
Welcome back! I saw a "for rent" sign just around the corner last week ...
Email me the phone number and address?
Congratulations on a safe arrival, and good luck hunting for housing. I'm glad the truck held together long enough to get you there, and I hope it continues to hang together until it's convenient to replace it.
Does this mean that you'll start coming to the New England regional cons, like, oh, next month's Boskone?
I'm on program, so I think I'd better be there!
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