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Mary Sue Reform School Dropouts.

Via merriehaskell, the Mary Sue purity test.

Jenny comes back as an anti-Sue, with ten points. And that's after I awarded her five points of distinguishing characteristic for the scars and the metal arm.

The trick, you see, is to disguise your Sues as supporting cast members, which is why Elspeth comes back with 38.

The name thing is a killer.

The real winner, though, is Elaine, carrying a whopping 58 points of Suedom. ...which, of course, does not compensate for the fact that I think she's kind of a reprehensible person in a lot of ways....

She can go stand over in the corner with Felix, another cigarette-smoking punk in the Mary Sue Reform School. 

Graduating Class of 2005.
Tags: baa baa black sheep, elaine andraste

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