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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Sort of a good news kind of day.

I saw some preliminary cover copy for Carnival today (not ready for sharing yet), heard the concept for the cover art (Masks!), heard that Worldwired is going back for a second printing, and... received news that "Two Dreams on Trains" has been selected for Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction.

ETA: Oh, and arcaedia says that Hammered/Scardown/Worldwired and "Wax" made the Locus recommended list this year. Along with a WHOLE BUTTLOAD of people I really like and admire, and am not even going to try to list here. (Congratulations, the lot of you!)

Also, Asha's mom and dad fed me a very good dinner.

Really, all in all, I cannot complain.


Hey! congrats on your story being selected for Year's Best!

Mazel tov!
Thank you!
I saw Worldwired at the grocery store last night (the grocery store!) and was very pleased to know that it was doing so well. Congrats on the second printing and everything else!
Ooo! That's good to know! Thank you!
Thank you!
You know this already, but:


Thank you!

That's one heck of a booty.
*g* Judging by the photographic evidence, the present booty isn't bad either. ;-)
i dont know if we told you, but all the books you signed in w/s sold out in a few days.. and they got more... weeeeee!!!!!!!!!!... lots of kudo and brownie points, and stuff... more weeeee!!!!!!
Ooo, shiny! Well, that's most excellent!
Calloo cover! Whooo Worldwired! and YIPPEE Year's Best!
I gotta ask....

What does Boogie Boy's shirt say? "Vote for..."
I think it says "Vote for Pedro." Napoleon's dancing is a gimmick to help get his friend elected student body president.
Congrats on all! Especially the Dozois' Year's Best. Holy crap! That makes you, like, super-powered!!

I'm looking forward to seeing the cover of Carnival. And good luck on the apartment hunting.
There's some Deb Coates person on that "Recommended reading" list, too....
Awesome! On all counts!
Congratulations! A sincere very well done, indeed! *hugs*
Awesome. Congratulations!
Thanks, everybody. *hug*
Congrats! You rock!
Yay! Me recommend, too!
*shares tea*

And thank you!
Very cool! That's got to be exciting news!