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Teacher, my brain is full.

One of the things I've had to learn as a writer is that I can't actually remember all the information I need to know at any given time. I can learn it, but there just isn't enough room in my head for everything. Right now, it's stuffed full of quantum mechanics (a little theoretical physics takes up a LOT of room) and a few months ago it was heaps and piles of Elizabethan politics and biography.

The stuff I need at any given moment pushes out the stuff I was using last time, crams it into corners and pushes a lot of it clean out of my brain. A lot of it flushes during the writing process, too--don't ask me to explain, extemporaneously, the stuff I exposit in Carnival. It's gone; it's on the page.

Once the book has been born, it doesn't need the writer any more.

Also, a brain full of local Las Vegas history or string theory or alien biology makes it hard to remember to pick up your drycleaning, too.
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