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bear by san

March 2017



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon

Apartments looked at in the last three days: 9
Apartments that are really, most sincerely Mine: 0



Are you looking for the one that would take dogs, too? I know it always complicated things for me, when the Army dragged us from post to post. It sucks. I wish you all the luck :)
Just cats. But yeah.
Just cats? What of the Dogge, not to mention the Dawg? Has your Mammalian Assistance been curtailed by the move?
Aren't you looking to move to a college town area? Are there any college students desperately looking for a subletter? That would get you a few months breathing space while hunting for something more permanent. What about housing co-ops? Do any of them have open spaces?
It's a gruelling process. Best of luck with it, and good vibes from this side of the Pond.
It'd be a heck of a commute, but I know of this sweet tri-colored room in a teacher-chick's house in Vegas that's open for rent. The teacher-chick is weird, but she cooks...it'd just be hard to get to east coast thingies quickly. Not like you'd be returning to a desert you'd only just managed to escape.
Where are you looking? Just in the Glastonbury area, or would something over the border in MA do? I work for a newspaper and we get apartment listings, I could keep an eye out for you. What are you looking for in a place?
I'm going to go put an application in on a place in Manchester in about ten minutes, actually--I don't love it, but it's right where I want to live.
so how far will you be from me, then, and shall we default to Jenn's place for the poker game?

Well, I dunno if I'm going to get the place or not.
Bleah. Grueling process.

But, on the other hand, oddly pleasing, as well, though maybe not at the nine-in-three-days point. The search for the Right Space is...I don't know. All the pragmatics of moving appall me, but the vision-quest, 'could I love this place' as well as 'does it make sense,' has a satisfying piece to it, as well.

Hopefully there's that piece for you, as well as the arduous piece.

And here's hoping you find the place that's really, truly YOURS, and all goes well with it.

Poke me if there's anything helpful a Bostonite could be doing for you, in the process. I mean it. I need distractions.
Blech. Maybe number ten...
*g* Much appreciated.
Oh, the indescribable hell that is apartment-hunting. I do not look forward to it.

apartment shoping

Keep breathing. Be specific in your needs and thankful in advance. It'll show up

Sometimes it takes awhile to find a decent apartment. I've been in situations where I've had to take whatever dirt-cheap place I could get, and I've also had situations where I fell in love with a place the moment I laid eyes on it.

BTW, as far as your last post, it was interesting. I liked the paragraph or so of description, which is something I find I need to beef up a bit, but outside of that, it kind of left me cold...maybe there was a bit too much description in it, because I was trying to assemble a picture of the man complete with all the details and getting something that seemed to be not quite what Delany was aiming for.

This is the thing about writing, or so it seems to me. It doesn't matter if you like it. Liking other writer's work is gravy.

What's important is understanding it and why it's successful. And in Delany, you're talking about one of the best-reviewed SF writers of the past fifty years. So, really, your opinion or my opinion of the aesthetics of his writing is irrelevant to a discussion of professional craft.

What is important to learning to write better is understanding why it's successful or unsuccessful for readers in general.

I agree with part of your statement. One should try to understand what makes good writing good.

But I think that liking writing, or at least appreciating good writing, is as essential as understanding it. If you like good writing, you're going to want to understand what makes it good so you can replicate the effect in your own writing. Conversely, if you understand what makes good writing good but don't like it, you're likely going to drift away and pattern yourself after a bit of writing that you do like.

Leaving the philosophical behind for a second, what would be the best Delany book to start reading?

Oh, I think it's totally important to read books you like. What I'm saying is that it's irrelevant to learning from a book whether one likes it or not.
Fair enough. I can agree with that.
And the best one to start with? Totally depends on your taste. I haven't read most of them in about twenty years, so I'm starting over, more or less. *g*

I'd probably reccomend Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand. Or Babel-17. Or Dhalgren.
Gah. I've just come through that particular bit of ick myself, and while I don't love the eyrie, sabotabby does and did on first sight, and it's close enough to what I wanted that I'm about 80% happy and only 20% wishing we had held out a mite for someplace where the kitchen counter didn't need replacing (the faucet wobbles distressingly in its mooring, and the eccentric English landlady doesn't want to replace the counter this year, having just had the wiring redone.)

May the god of good apartments unite you and your proper space soon.
Eeek! :( S'not good. Though hopefully you'll find just the one for you -- I'm sure it's there, it's just taking some time to find. And who knows, it may be even better than expected, or wished for. Good luck! *hugs*