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52 book challenge: #15, pameladean, The Sekrit Secret Country

Another entry in a long and august lineage of stories about young persons transported to magical realms (The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, The Darwath Trilogy, the Fionavar Tapestry, Dragon Magic, you name it), this is a book written concisely and convincingly from the point of view of children. Its wit is sly, and its characters act like kids. They exhibit kid logic, which is wonderful in an of itself; most young characters do not think like children--magically, distractibly, their logic untrained to conform to approved societal channels.

A sentence like They investigated the medicine cabinet, and derived some comfort from the fascinating behavior of hydrogen peroxide. is note-perfect. That's a kid's-eye view of the world.

And on that note, somebody else who really hated "Wax." He seems to be a little fuzzy on the difference between a witch and a sorcerer... and nothing in the story has anything to do with the phase of the moon (unlike "Wane," which does.).

I'm offended at his assumptions about my research habits. And by the assumption that alt-hist is easier to write than straight historical fiction.

Feel free to call me a bad writer and the story tripe. But don't call me lazy because you're not bright enough to figure out where the name "New Amsterdam" comes from, or what it implies.

...okay, no arguing with reviewers, Bear. Sit on your hands. Have a pop tart.
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