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Boskone 43 program schedule

Friday Feb 17th 7:30 pm Literary Beer
Elizabeth Bear
Kathryn Cramer

Saturday Feb 18th 11:00 am Myths and the Mainstream
Elizabeth Bear
F. Brett Cox
Gregory Feeley
Greer Gilman nineweaving

There are plans afoot to publish dozens of novels dramatizing mythological thems by celebrated mainstream writers. But....but....haven't SF/F writers been doing this all along? Why is mythological fantasy (or near-fantasy) now respectably literary? Can we get in on the action too?

Saturday Feb 18th 1:00 pm Genius Loci: How Setting Influences and Structures the Story
Elizabeth Bear
Elaine Isaak (M)
Ellen Kushner ellen_kushner
Sarah Monette truepenny
Joshua B. Palmatier jpsorrow

How do the vast arc of the Ringworld, the snug hills of the Shire,the treeless plazas of Trantor shape their stories' characters and events? Does local color bewitch or bore the reader? (Does it even matter? -- and how?) Are real places easier to evoke than imaginary ones? What SF/F/H settings can't you forget?

Saturday Feb 18th 4:00 pm 60's Spy TV
Elizabeth Bear (M)
Michael A. Burstein mabfan
Daniel Kimmel
Timothy Liebe

With groundbreaking characters -- strong women like Emma Peel and Cathy Gale; sympathetic Soviets like Illya Kuryakin; black men like Alexander Scott and Barney Collier, whose significant trait was their brains rather than ethnicity -- and in the context of fantasy and fun, these programs helped shatter stereotypes in ways that can still be seen as groundbreaking today. (And we haven't even gotten to those glorious gadgets....)

(I swear I did not put them up to that.)

Sunday Feb 19th 12:00 noon Autographing

Sunday Feb 19th 1:00 pm Campbell Soup
Elizabeth Bear
Michael A. Burstein mabfan
Wen Spencer wen_spencer
Eleanor Wood (M)

How does being nominated for or winning the Campbell affect you as a writer? Does it help your career in publishing?

BTW, if you bees an industry proffeshunel, you might wanna go put your name on the white list, so the rest of us can find you. You know, anghara and coffeeem and folks. *g*
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