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Those unconscious influences will get you every damn time.

52 Book Challenge: #15, Ursula K. LeGuin, THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS


Okay, so I'm reading along, and it hits me. Michelangelo Osiris Leary Kusanagi-Jones? Is Genly Ai. If Genly Ai's day job was killing people. Michelangelo even looks like Genly. And that frictionless personality thing Genly has? Angelo raises it to an art form. Literally.

Well, at least it's thematically appropriate.

I swear, I thought I was writing Joanna Russ/Andre Norton/Robert Heinlein fanfiction, not Ursula K. LeGuin fanfiction.

(Okay, so he's not exactly Genly Ai. But let's say that both characters are played by the same actor. And actor of talent, but limited range.)

Oi. *facepalm*

As for the book itself. Oh, I love this book.

"You don't see yet, Genry, why we perfected and practice Foretelling?"


"To exhibit the perfect uselessness of knowing the answer to the wrong question."

In other news, Sarah and Judith and Hal are among the nominees for the Crawford award, "for best fantasy writer whose first book has appeared in the last 18 months."
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