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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

because of icedrake, I'm playing with Pandora.

I have this to say: Bob Dylan has a lot to fucking answer for. Must all these children whine? That Dylanesque nasal phrasing seems to have taken over the world. And, you know, it was annoying when Bob did it, and he had better lyrics than they do.


If you ask me, Dylan's most harmful effect was, "You gotta let him sing it. He wrote it."
Testefy, sister!



A _lot_ of his songs are better off when heard from other throats.
...and the ones who don't sound like Dylan sound like the Beatles.

I have officially become a cranky old fart.
she gets it from her dad
So I hear.
I'm going to let you in on a deepdark Sixties secret:

Dylan was actually worse live. He didn't seem to understand the concept of "mike distance" and I'm pretty sure he was drunk*. Try taking his normal "singing" voice and slurring it with alcohol...

*Or stoned, of course.
oh, dear.
Until later, they ate him.

Hmm. I might like that, but I'm more a vocal music girl.
NEAT!!!!! Thanks for the link, now I've got another new obsession. GenericFiancee is gonna LOVE this. He's more of a music nut than I am... ironic, since I'm the radio personality and all. ;)
Evil and dangerous, isn't it?
At least the Beatles could, you know, sing. When they weren't trying to screech like Buddy Holly.

But screeching is back in. I thought it was just me until my son began talking about individuals in his favorite bands, and several times he said . . . "And So-and-so is the singer, and Such-and-such the screamer." Bands now apparently require a screamer as well as a singer. Some guys can, wow, do both! (And some bypass the singer altogether.)
...well, some screeching I do like. But I'd usually rather hear singing, even if it's hard rock ringing.
I asked for more stuff like solo Peter Murphy, and it gave me many, many solo Peter Murphy songs, all of which I already had. And another male artist I have never liked.

I've had more luck with the "If you like so-and-so, you might like this" links in iTunes and other stores.
You have to give it enough stuff to build a pattern, not just one artist. Once I got fifteen or twenty things in there, it started pretty consistently kicking up things I liked.
That project will have to wait until I have more time, then.

I've seen him perform live a couple of times. Small venues. Good shows.
Biography of Dylan I have claims that he actually had a perfectly fine singing voice when he started out—he actually made himself sound worse, so he could put on a "hardbitten traveller" type persona.

::shrug:: When he did it, it sometimes worked.

...but if the Decemberists could just, y'know, stop existing?
Also, there are songs like "Boots of Spanish Leather" that require some pretty definite vocal chops, even if the voice using them isn't entirely pleasant...
I used to work in a pet shop. We had an agreement with a breeder to sell her pet quality siamese kittens. Emaciated things, with giant bat-ears and crossed eyes.

And they didn't meow like good-hearted cats, they whined. wrrnnnnwwwwwwww, wrrrrnnnwwwwwwwwwwww

I called them little Bob Dylans.

So annoying.
Thanks to you I started playing with Pandora, as well. I thought I'd create different radio stations for different types of music, but I've now got 2 very similar. If my 3rd ends up in that direction, I think I'll give up and stick with one station.
I'm not going near Pandora - I don't dare.

Dylan's... well, the extreme degree of variable. Martin Simpson does great versions of his songs - in fact Martin Simpson is single-handedly making it respectable again to interpret other people's songs.

The Dylan whine: I read somewhere that the Four Tops were aiming for that phrasing in Reach Out I'll Be There:
Now if you feel that you can't go on
Because all your hope is gone

It's not sounded the same since...