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5 ways I know I'm living in the future

5. I'm simultaneously talking realtime with friends in Texas, Calgary, Madison, Yorkshire, and Boston.

4. I just spent forty-five minutes looking at Google Earth's satellite images of Chornobyl and the Rossville Marine Salvage Yard. (They've cleaned it up a hell of a lot, but that's okay, because Whiskey and Water takes place one universe to the left.) You can actually kind of pick out which reactor is the bad one, though the images aren't high-res.

3. Greg van Eekhout reveals the secrit of desktop-printing flesh.

2. I can research many, many things at least superficially, instantly from my seat on the couch. It's no longer a matter of knowing where to look something up. It's a matter of knowing what keywords to use to start building a research trail.

1. I'm training my radio station.
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